Combine up to 16 Camera Images onto One Monitor!

  • Independent view and record functions
  • Display full screen, 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4
  • 7-step electronic zoom

    Transform any ordinary video surveillance system into a professional-quality, high-security operation with one of these Digital Color Multiplexers! These sophisticated multiplexers give you complete control over your camera views, so you can scroll through high-quality color images in a variety of combinations, without affecting your recording!

    The Digital Color Multiplexer is NTSC/PAL compatible, and will automatically change to the correct input signal. It features sequential camera switching and high quality 720x480 NTSC digital pixel imaging (720x576 PAL), enabling you to see what's going on around your home clearly and easily. It also features a 7-step 2x zoom, so you can zero in on details in the center of the image. Screen options include: full screen monitoring, 2x2 (4 images), 3x3 (9 images), or 4x4 (16 images). Rear connectors are BNC female. Use an RCA Female to BNC Male Connector to convert to RCA female.


    Evertec Product No.:

    720x480 NTSC, 720x576 PAL

    Refresh Rate (Frames/sec):
    Full Screen- 30, 2x2 Screen- 30, 3x3 Screen- 5, 4x4 Screen- 3.75

    7-Step Zoom (x1.14, x1.17, x1.2, x1.25, x1.33, x1.5, 2)

    Motion Detection Interval:
    16/30 sec. NTSC, 16/25 sec. PAL

    Approx 17" x 1 3/4" x 13 3/4"

  • 16-Camera Digital Color Multiplexer