Colour observation and security system
THE new Philips REO colour observation system, available from Bosch Security Systems, combines versatile performance with installation simplicity.

Full solution security system.

As an all-in-one system, it is simple to order, install, configure and maintain.

REO is a full-solution security system with up to eight cameras, and includes many advanced features for integrated functionality such as intercom, remote door opening and alarm handling.

The REO colour observational system provides:

* Simplistic plug and play operations - requires no specialised installation know-how or tools. Camera system connectors are simply inserted into the back of the monitor.

* Switcher or multiplexer variations - the switcher version accepts up to four cameras and sequences the images from each camera, full-screen. The more advanced multiplexer monitor version accepts up to eight cameras, and can display a single camera image full-screen, or simultaneously show pictures from all connected cameras.

* Simplified ordering - REO system configurations are available as pre-packaged sets ensuring the REO observational System is not only easy to select but is also easy to setup and operate providing simplistic and reliable functional security.

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