Color Security Cameras

Skyway Security's line of Security Cameras are high quality and use only Panasonic, Sharp or Sony CCD chips.

Bullet Security Camera Skyway Security Cameras Sony Security Cameras
New!! SKY-9622BIR
Waterproof Design
Panasonic IR
Day and Night 
420 TV Lines
Panasonic 1/4 CCD
0.92 Lux
DC/Video Iris Drive
Sony Super HAD CCD
Varifocal Auto Iris Lens
140mm x 50mm
Sony Security Cameras Color security Cameras Skyway Security Cameras
Panasonic D4 CCD
0.92 Lux
3.6mm Lens
Panasonic 420Lines
0.5 Lux
Varifocal Auto-Iris Lens
1/4" Panasonic D4 CCD
0.92 LUX
3.6mm Fixed Lens
Color Security Camera Panasonic Security Cameras Color Security Cameras

Panasonic 420Lines
0.92 Lux @ F 1.4
Auto-Iris Lens


Panasonic 1/3" CCD
1.0 Lux @ F 1.2
Auto-Iris Lens

Biggest Selling Camera
Sony CCD Chip
Tiny Size 2" x 4"

Wireless Security Camera Zoom Security Camera Camera Outdoor Enclosure

1/4"Color IR Camera with Built In Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

220X Zoom Lens!
High Res: 480 Lines

New!! SKY82308BIR
Infrared Outdoor
Sharp CCD
36 IR LED's
New!! SKY9627BIR
Waterproof Outdoor
Infrared - 60 LED's
550 Lines
New!! SKY9620BIR
Waterproof Outdoor
Infrared - 12 LED's
550 Lines


Security Camera Resolution Security camera resolution is a measurement of the security cameras clarity. A security cameras resolution is determined by the number of horizontal video lines (like 400 or 430 lines) that the security camera needs in order to reproduce the desired image. The higher the resolution number, the sharper the image will be. Although resolution is important when considering which security camera to purchase, the quality of the security cameras components is much MORE important. We only sell high resolution, name brand, quality security cameras.

LUX How it affects picture quality
Lux (1/10 of a foot candle) is a standardized method by which to measure a security camera's sensitivity to light. The lower the number, the less light it will take to reproduce a clear image. For example: A security camera that sees down to 1 LUX, means it generally has the ability to see an image during early evening hours or just before dusk. A security camera that's down to .1 has the ability to see an image in let's say, a well lit parking lot. A rating of .05, the ability to clearly view an image in a dimly lit area at night. A .05 image can usually enable a security camera to actually see better than the human eye at night!

Skyway Security Camera System Warranty
We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry! We ONLY sell high-quality, name-brand components at the lowest prices possible! We stand behind the products we sell so we are able to offer a comprehensive, 2-YEAR warranty that covers parts and labor!

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