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Color CCD Pinhole Board Camera

High performance video super tiny 1" square 380 lines of resolution latest
generation ccd electronic shutter 3.6MM, 1 lux 30 degree F.O.V Built-in auto
shutter, auto gain, auto backlight Plug & play cables

  • Wireless Power Line Decoder
  • 20 Mini DV Cassette Box
  • scandisk memory, dvr accessories, tapes, hard drives
  • 21 inch Color Monitor with built in DVR
  • High Quality USB 2.0 Cables
  • Mini B&W Camera with Mic
  • Monochrome C-Mount Proof Video Camera
  • Monochrome IR LED Camera
  • B & W Pinhole Camera
  • QuickCam Zoom
  • Compare Security Camera Products

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