Coalition Forces in Iraq safer through use of DiOP technology


DiOP announced that the sale of several of its thermal imagining products to the US Army gives the coalition forces added safety and tactical advantage.

Salem, NH August 11, 2004 -- Diversified Optical Products, Inc. (DiOP), a worldwide leader in thermal imaging solutions since 1976, announced today that coalition forces are now using DiOP Night Augmented and Thermal Augmented Clip On Night Sight (NADS and TADS) technology to secure the new Iraq. Over the past several months, the US Army has purchased and deployed many DiOP Clip On Night Sight products, including infrared and image intensified gun sights and handheld Cadet75 thermal cameras. The value of the deployment is estimated at well over $500,000; the equipment is being used by ground troops immediately. The DiOP Clip On Night Sights and handheld thermal imaging cameras allow detection and identification of intruders regardless of ambient light and allow troops to see enemies through smoke or fog before they become an imminent danger.

"A weapon equipped with a DiOP Clip On Night Sight gives our troops a significant advantage over the ordinary street terrorist in owning the night," noted Paul Parkas, DiOP President. "The Clip On Night Sight combined with our Cadet75 camera enables a coalition patrol to detect and neutralize a threat before we suffer a casualty. We are proud to supply our forces with life saving technology."

About DiOP
Since 1976 DiOP has provided industry-leading thermal imaging components and systems. DiOP's proprietary optical designs, leading edge electronics, and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure maximum performance and dependability. DiOP products deliver a world-class solution to thermal imaging needs for security, surveillance, and public safety applications. DiOP thermal imaging solutions include night and thermal augmented gun sights and handheld thermal cameras such as the Cadet75.

Product Information:
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