CoVi Unveils Revolutionary New IP-Based Crystal HD(TM) Surveillance System

LAS VEGAS, Apr. 05 /PRNewswire/ --

LAS VEGAS, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- CoVi Technologies, Inc., the global leader in high definition video surveillance solutions, today unveiled the CoVi Crystal HD(TM) Surveillance System at the International Security Conference (ISC) West 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crystal HD is the first IP-based surveillance system to integrate networked cameras and distributed storage with advanced monitoring and administration software to create a powerful high definition digital video solution. The system integrates ground-breaking SCAN(TM) architecture and MultiStream(TM) encoding technologies that promise to increase the value of video for security professionals by capturing real time video intelligence that can be used to prevent and respond to threats or events.

For decades, video surveillance has been used as a monitoring solution. Sometimes a deterrent, but more often an insurance policy, video became a mere data point for reviewing a breach in security or critical event well after the event had occurred. Review of analog tapes can be timely and costly, and the quality of today's digital video intelligence typically delivers little value for law enforcement and security officers needing to respond quickly to threats of property or life.

CoVi's Crystal HD Surveillance System shatters the old standards for video quality, providing more than 4 times the resolution of traditional systems, and provides the intelligent solution for security professionals seeking to transform their surveillance system from a tool of awareness to an instrument of response.

CoVi's breakthrough SCAN(TM) (Security Camera Area Network) architecture and MultiStream(TM) encoding eliminate bandwidth consumption roadblocks which have led to slow adoption of networked video surveillance. By placing system intelligence on all recording elements at the edge of the network, and simultaneously encoding high definition and monitoring resolution video streams, network loading is minimized. As a result, the Crystal HD(TM) Surveillance System can simultaneously monitor hundreds of cameras, while at the same time providing forensic quality HD video recording for every camera on the SCAN.

"We believe that we are about to significantly change an industry that has been historically challenged by poor image quality and immature system integration," said Barry Walker, President and CEO of CoVi Technologies. "Real time, high quality video intelligence matters. Our Crystal HD system will provide dramatic benefits to all who utilize video surveillance technology for infrastructure security, asset protection or personal safety."

Crystal HD(TM) Surveillance System components include:

CVQ 2100(TM) MultiStream HD camera, with high dynamic range 1/2" CMOS progressive scan 1280 X 720 pixel sensor and MPEG-4 and JPEG digital video encoding. Advanced video processing algorithms enhance the camera's ability to deal with challenging lighting conditions. Automatic and customizable modes are available that compensate for extreme backlight situations and illuminate detail hidden in shadows. Video Motion Detection (VMD) processing and alarm event generation are in-camera. The CVQ-2100 is remotely configurable and manageable. It is also firmware and software upgradeable, allowing it to optionally perform advanced applications, such as object tracking, that would otherwise need expensive computer platforms.

DMM-2100(TM) Digital Media Manager supports simultaneous QCIF, CIF, 4CIF and HD recording from a CVQ-2100 camera for 30 day continuous recording. Each DMM operates at the edge of the surveillance network and provides dedicated processing and storage capacity to an individual CVQ-2100 MultiStream HD camera. Information about the video (metadata) is also integrated, processed and recorded by the DMM. The DMM can use this information to generate security alerts and perform event based searches for the security operator.

Crystal HD SecurityStation(TM), supports WXGA resolution displays that provide high performance monitoring for up to 16 cameras plus integrated alarm and dispatch capabilities. A remote client, suitable for secure monitoring over cable modem, DSL or 56K dial-up services is also available.

Crystal HD Administrator(TM) configures and administers up to 250 camera and distributed media manager pairs in a multi-node SCAN, providing record scheduling, remote camera setup, network optimization, and monitoring permissions for one or more SecurityStation monitoring stations.

CoVi's Crystal HD system is competitively priced and can easily integrate into existing corporate IP networks. The adaptive architecture was designed to be open and standards-based providing lower integration and installation costs and a cost-effective migration from traditional, analog systems.

"CoVi has not only delivered the industry's first truly scalable, high- definition video system, with four times the resolution of traditional solutions, but has done so at a price point well within the reach of budget- conscious security professionals," said Barry Walker, President and CEO of CoVi Technologies. "We have made innovation affordable without compromising performance. And the ability to leverage this platform with advanced software applications moves us much closer to the ideal of an intelligent video surveillance solution, not only to protect people and physical assets, but also to provide real time situational and business data."

About CoVi Technologies

CoVi Technologies is the leader in next generation video surveillance solutions. CoVi designs and manufactures HD quality video security products suitable for a wide range of environments. Created by veterans from the security, videoconferencing, storage, networking, broadcast, and streaming media industries, CoVi utilizes leading edge, standards-based technologies to enable the industry's most powerful surveillance solutions. Our commitment is to provide Total Video Quality(TM) to our customers through superior products and solutions. CoVi Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is located in Austin, Texas. For more information visit .

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