CoVi Technologies Partners With ObjectVideo for Creation of Sentient HD Video Surveillance Camera

AUSTIN, Texas, Apr. 05 /PRNewswire/ --

AUSTIN, Texas, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- CoVi Technologies, Inc., the leader in high definition video surveillance solutions, today announced that it has partnered with ObjectVideo(R) to integrate ObjectVideo OnBoard(TM), ObjectVideo's advanced intelligent video algorithms for a DSP platform, into CoVi's CVQ-2100(TM) series MultiStream(TM) high-definition IP cameras, the HD sensor component of CoVi's Crystal HD(TM) Surveillance System.

This new, integrated solution is targeted for release later in 2005, and is ideal for security professionals seeking a cost-effective solution for intelligent video analysis and object tracking within a distributed surveillance network.

ObjectVideo's intelligent video surveillance algorithms, based on artificial intelligence called "computer vision," run all objects in a camera's view against threat-specific pre-programmed rules. When an object violates a rule, for example a person crosses a tripwire or an object disappears from an area of interest, the software immediately alerts security personnel.

CoVi will integrate ObjectVideo's intelligent video surveillance algorithms, metadata tagging, and alarm notification functionality, as an optional component within Crystal HD, the security industry's first high- definition over IP video surveillance system; integrating networked cameras and distributed storage with advanced monitoring and administration software. The resulting intelligent HD solution will help security professionals identify and respond more quickly and accurately to suspicious behavior, thereby enhancing critical public safety and asset protection tasks.

Said Barry E. Walker, CEO of CoVi Technologies, "The integration of ObjectVideo's situational awareness algorithms with CoVi's Crystal HD high- definition video surveillance system is a giant leap forward for the security industry. Not only in terms of outstanding performance, but also the provision of seamless security solutions that illustrate the power of specialized software running on our data-centric, high definition IP video platform. It takes us one step closer to the day when surveillance networks will be smart enough to show us only what we need to see."

Each ObjectVideo enhanced CVQ-2100 series camera operating within a Crystal HD network provides dedicated DSP compute cycles and metadata tagged hard disk storage resources. Critical infrastructure protection applications benefit from the integration of ObjectVideo's algorithms into the camera because the camera can independently analyze its own video, and communicate across the IP network only when a pre-programmed activity occurs. Commercial and retail applications such as traffic flow analysis, or activity levels at display areas, may be uploaded to the camera on-demand, extracting valuable business metrics in addition to providing crisp, detailed video for legal case support and financial asset protection. The Crystal HD command and control system is secure and robust with built in protection against denial of service and other forms of deliberate or accidental network outage.

"We are excited to announce this partnership and the integration of our advanced tracking algorithms with CoVi's high-definition, IP-based solution," said Raul Fernandez, CEO of ObjectVideo. "CoVi's commitment to video quality and high-definition will challenge the industry to adopt new standards that will drive software application innovation. The integration of ObjectVideo's proven intelligent video software with CoVi's high-definition camera provides a significant quality and performance advantage to our mutual government and commercial clients. Real time situational data is the desired output of such a system, whether for commercial applications or to assist the government in providing enhanced critical infrastructure and force protection."

In March, CoVi announced support by the EVQ-1000(TM) MultiView(TM) HD camera of ObjectVideo's server based VEW(TM) software for customers working in an analog coax infrastructure. CoVi and ObjectVideo also announced that they will jointly develop support and marketing programs to maximize opportunities and respond to customers in both the commercial and government markets.

About ObjectVideo

ObjectVideo provides intelligent video surveillance software for the protection of critical infrastructure and high-risk environments including borders, airports, seaports, oil refineries, chemical and nuclear plants and water treatment facilities. Its software is based on patented computer vision technology and provides the security market with an advanced ability to detect, classify, track and analyze threats. With ObjectVideo's software, customers gain the ability to proactively address threats, improve security planning and enhance overall effectiveness. ObjectVideo markets and sells its products through a VIP partner program of leading security companies on digital signal processor and server platforms. On the Net: .

About CoVi Technologies

CoVi Technologies is the leader in next generation video surveillance solutions. CoVi designs and manufactures high-definition, quality video security products suitable for a wide range of environments. Created by veterans from the security, videoconferencing, storage, networking, broadcast, and streaming media industries, CoVi utilizes leading-edge, standards-based technologies to enable the industry's most powerful surveillance solutions. Our commitment: to provide Total Video Quality(TM) to our customers through superior products and solutions. CoVi Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is located in Austin, Texas. For more information visit: .

Crystal HD(TM) Surveillance System, Security Camera Area Network (SCAN(TM)), MultiStream(TM), CVQ 2100(TM) MultiStream HD, DMM-2100(TM) Digital Media Manager and EVQ-1000(TM) are registered trademarks of CoVi Technologies, Inc. OnBoard(TM) and VEW(TM) are registered trademarks of ObjectVideo, Inc.

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