Check Up on Your Loved Ones at Any Time!
  • Surveillance system transmits live images over standard phone lines
  • Watch on your office PC as your kids arrive home safely from school
  • Compact, easy-to-install system hooks up in just a few minutes
  • Alarm input automatically alerts you when your security system has been triggered Wish you could keep an eye on your kids or elderly family members when you're not home, or monitor a small business while you're away? Bring peace-of-mind to your life with the MiWatcher II, an affordable, easy-to-install video surveillance system that sends live, high-quality color JPEG images to any desktop or laptop PC.

    Unlike other remote PC-based surveillance systems, MiWatcher II does not have to be plugged into a PC or connected to the Internet. This palm-sized unit features a built-in color digital camera, an internal 33.6kbps modem and a flash memory that captures and stores up to 120 JPEG images. Images can be sent in one of three resolutions and can be refreshed every 2-10 seconds (user selectable).

    If you have a security system at the camera site, you can interface an alarm sensor with the MiWatcher II. When the sensor is triggered, it will automatically call one of two pre-programmed numbers to alert a remote PC, sending images of the event and simultaneously saving them in its internal flash memory.

    MiWatcher II can work with your existing phone line, although phone use will be unavailable during surveillance transmission periods. For comprehensive access, or for covert monitoring without alerting anyone at the camera site that you're dialing in, a second phone line is recommended.

    The MiWatcher II Video Surveillance System comes with CD-ROM software, which you install on any PC from which you want to monitor images. The MiWatcher II also includes an AC adapter, an adjustable mounting bracket, a mounting clamp and all the necessary cables required for a complete installation. The system operates with any Pentium computer with 32 MB of RAM, 40 MB of available hard-disk space and a 28.8kbps or higher-speed modem. Fully compatible with Windows 95/98/00.

    If you want to remotely monitor multiple cameras in your home or small business, the MiWatcher III Digital Surveillance Switcher uses the same transmission technology as the MiWatcher II but adds the ability to monitor up to six cameras. See the MiWatcher III page for more details.

    MiWatcher II system specifications:

    Integrated fixed-focus ?" color camera (350K pixels)

    Video resolution:
    Selectable image size (160x120, 320x240 or 640x480 pixels)

    Compression format:
    Standard JPEG

    Image update rate:
    2-10 seconds/1 frame

    Internal memory:
    2MB flash memory

    Display format:
    NTSC composite video

    Power supply: