Cards & Readers
Cards & Readers

Jan 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Mifare Card

Wiegand or RS-232 output

Card provides users with a single card that can be used for access control (proximity), e-purse and/or data applications (MIFARE) and as a photo ID. The supplier can program a standard proximity format into a sector of the card to maintain one record for each cardholder. The supplier's MIFARE 6055B reader/writer with Wiegand or RS-232 output can also support connection to access control systems or PCs for read/write applications.
San Jose, Calif.

Circle #68 on card
Facial Recognition Reader

Biometric template authentication

Facial templates are stored on cards, eliminating redundant wiring requirement for biometric template management and lowering implementation costs. Biometrics from AcSys Biometrics are combined with HID's iCLASS contactless smart cards for access control with one-to-one biometric template authentication.
Intelligent Identification and Access System (IIAS)
Irvine, Calif.

Circle #69 on card
Card/Badge Laminator

100-card bin

The stand-alone laminator for existing badging applications offers users lamination without having to replace the existing card printer. It laminates standard CR-80 cards printed from any dye-sublimation printer. Cards are loaded into the 100-card bin and are processed through the high-speed unit. Cards processed will not require the clear overlay ink panel to be applied.

Features: sensitive position adjustment settings, temperature and speed settings.
Somerset, N.J.

Circle #70 on card
In-Ceiling Dome Housing

Manual or auto-iris lens

Dome series housing package includes an integrated camera, vari-focal lens and an in-ceiling dome housing package with a high-resolution digital DSP camera. The vari-focal lenses range from 3.5-8mm, 2.8-12mm and 5.0-50mm depending on the model. The internal camera mount is a 3-pivot camera adjustment system for 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt positioning.

Features: cameras are equipped with backlight compensation and incorporate automatic white balance control.
OnePak Dome Series
Chatsworth, Calif.

Circle #71 on card
Web-based Monitoring

Internet or intranet access

Web-based monitoring service allows users to access data on the supplier's network by linking to the Internet using a password and user access code. Users are able to view building information such as fire, security, CCTV and card access from any location.
UniNet Online
Northford, Conn.

Circle #72 on card
Intercom System

Maintains multiple exchanges offsite

The intercom system integrates with access control and video surveillance equipment. An industry standard RS-232 interface allows users to program and monitor software and maintain exchanges off-site from one PC. Users can forward calls manually or automatically throughout the system to outside telephones, cellular phones and pagers.

Features: single exchange with up to four master stations and 64 sub-stations, or up to 16 exchanges with up to 64 master stations and 1,024 sub-stations; master stations can be either the supplier's TOA MS-900 or a standard single-line telephone with Caller-ID.
South San Francisco, Calif.

Circle #73 on card
Entry Alert System

Adjustable sounding time

Entry alert system has a 22-ft. range and makes a siren sound if the transmitter/receiver's beam in interrupted. The system offers adjustable volume control for the speaker/electronic chime and an adjustable sounding time of 3 to 30 seconds.

Features: single-beam transmitter/receiver, reflector, speaker/electronic chime, 9 VDC adapter and mounting brackets and hardware. An optional counter can be incorporated in the unit.
931-S22RRC Entry Alert System
Irvine, Calif.

Circle #74 on card
Digital Keypad System

Non-volatile EEPROM memory

Keypad system is waterproof with a narrow stile door frame size. Its central processor unit includes true 10-digit keypad operation, non-volatile EEPROM memory, 60 programmable codes from the keypad, programmable LEDs and beeper and exit request input (REX). The unit is available as a complete system with separate CPU controller housed in a metal cabinet placed inside the protected area.

Features: available in brushed stainless steel or black powder coated finishes; an optional spy shield prevents unauthorized viewing.
Sparks, Nev.

Circle #75 on card

Interface with electronic key systems

Doorboxes are designed to be installed on the unused telephone line input of a phone system without interrupting the phone line. The doorboxes can interface directly with the unused trunk input of a PABX or electronic key system.

Features: standard or custom ring cadences; internal audible monitoring.
W-1000, W-2000A and W-3000
Hudson, Wis.

Circle #76 on card
Temporary Visitor Badge


The self-expiring badge changes color from white to red to indicate that it has expired, preventing unauthorized re-use.
TEMPbadge ONEstep
Suffern, N.Y.

Circle #77 on card
Incident Reporting Software

Supports multi-site systems

Software allows users to access their incident management system from any computer using a standard Internet browser. The software features application hosting, encrypted communications and automatic updates. The software is a Web- or Internet-based subscription service.
IRIMS Express Online (IXO)
PPM 2000 INC.
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Circle #78 on card
Push-button Exit Controls


Illuminated push-button exit controls feature a stainless steel single gang back plate that mounts to a standard gang electrical box with two provided screws. In addition to the illuminated push-button, an optional LED can be supplied to indicate that the switch has been activated. The momentary action push button controls can also be custom lettered for specialized door control applications.
5215-SPB Series
Sag Harbor, N.Y.

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