Car Loans EZ offers a Free Consumer Information Portal to Educate Consumers on Obtaining Competitive Auto Loans.

The auto finance portal offers free information and education services, tips and advice on obtaining competitive auto financing. Cosumers learn to avoid the pitfalls of auto financing, and learn how to save $2,000 to $5,000 on a car loan.

February 31, 2004 -- First time car buyers, and consumers with spotty credit histories can often be victims of predatory lending when obtaining auto financing. Unscrupulous lenders will often charge high interest rates even when the consumer could have qualified for a much lower rate.

In fact, most consumers with average credit scores can qualify for an auto loan as low as 4.05% APR. Even those with bad credit can qualify for a loan in the 8 to 10 % APR range.

We started to educate consumers on how to obtain car loans at a competitive rate, and on favorable terms.

We strive to inform auto consumers how to effectively judge their true credit history, and determine the best auto loan they can qualify for. Explanations are given for how the auto loan process works from start to finish.

At consumers can learn how to refinance their present car, how auto leasing works, how to obtain an auto loan with bad credit, how to apply for an auto loan online, and when it makes sense to use traditional financing.

This free consumer information and education portal provides auto consumers with best-practices and advice on obtaining an automobile loan. provides consumers with tips and information on obtaining a competitive car loan without overpaying by $2000 to $5000. It includes chapters on new car financing, used car financing, auto leasing, auto loan refinancing, lease buyouts and auto buying tips. This portal educates consumers on avoiding auto finance scams.

Consumers can also obtain information on shopping for a new or used car. Including how to select a quality car, how to comparison shop, and the most effective methods for obtaining competitive price quotes.

We show easy methods to check loan values on used cars to help assure that buyers are not overpaying for their car purchase.

At this auto finance portal auto shoppers can easily compare loan rates and terms from a variety of independent lenders in one place.

By educating consumers on the auto financing process we help consumers make informed decisions on their car purchase. After all, the typical car is owned for 4 years now, so it is important to make the right decisions before making this major purchase.

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