Capture Low-Light Images With this High Sensitivity COLOR Camera!
  • More than 100 times more sensitive than most color cameras
  • Commonly used in casinos, airports and banks
  • Built-in motion detection function If your surveillance system demands a color camera that provides the best possible performance in low light conditions, then you need this professional-quality High Sensitivity Color Video Camera. Originally designed for use in casinos, airports and banks, this C/CS-mount camera works at an astounding 0.02 lux -- 100 times more sensitive than most color cameras on the market! This amazingly sensitive camera captures clear and vivid images even in the dimmest light, so you'll never have to settle for a black & white camera due to the high illumination requirements of most color cameras.

    With its large ?" CCD image sensor, the camera captures high-resolution images of 480 TV lines and 410,000 pixels (768H x 494V). It also offers a motion detection function that can trigger a VCR when it detects motion in a definable area, and can display up to 15 alphanumeric characters for camera identification. Other features include an on-screen display, 128X electronic sensitivity operation and back light compensation using i-Sight technology.

    Because the camera works with any C- or CS-mount lens (sold separately), it offers exceptional flexibility, empowering you to make choices that best suit the surveillance location. Choose a wide angle, extra wide angle, ultra wide angle, telephoto or variable zoom lens, or any combination of lenses for interchangeable surveillance needs using the same camera. For outdoor use, we recommend using the 3.5-8.0mm variable lens with motorized iris (#7683K) and a weatherproof aluminum outdoor housing (#7521AOH). Power supply sold separately.

    Please note the minimum configuration needed to use this camera consists of these parts:

    • 7581 High Sensitivity Color Video Camera

    • 3061 24-Volt Power Supply

    • 7463-series Lens

    • 7522AB Heavy Duty Aluminum Bracket

    • Cable for Video and Power

    • for outdoor use 7521AOH Weatherproof Aluminum Outdoor Housing


    Image sensor:
    ?" IT CCD

    Picture elements:
    410K pixels (768H x 494V)

    Scanning system:

    Scanning frequency:
    15.734KHz (H); 59.94Hz (V)

    Video output:
    Composite: VBS 1.0V(p-p)75W Y/C Output (Through Remote Port)

    480 TV Lines/440 TV Lines (high sensitivity image)

    Min. illumination:
    0.02 lux at F1.2 (0.009 lux at F 0.8)

    Sensitivity modes:
    Auto/manual selectable 1 to 128X

    Motion detection:
    Built-in (2 definable areas and sensitivity levels)

    Back light compensation:
    I-Sight Technology "Adaptive Sensitivity"

    Lens mount:
    C/CS mount

    Connector composite:

    Auto Iris:

    Camera mount:
    ?" x 20 UNC Top/Bottom Interchangeable

    Power supply:

    2.55"(W) x 2.36"(H) x 5.31"(D) (65 x 60 x 135mm)

    1.14lbs. (520g)

    Extend the cable on your new camera easily with this extension kit. Don't waste time soldering or crimping together your own cables or voiding the warranty by splicing in your own wires. Most cameras we carry only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera. This kit includes extensions for the power and the video signals. A coupler cable is included just in case the camera's output cable is the wrong gender! You will also need a BNC to RCA Adapter (7809RB1) to change the camera's video output connector from a BNC fitting to an RCA output. Now, it's easier than ever to mount your new camera just about anywhere you would like. Maximum distance with these cables extension kits is about 300 feet, beyond that you'll need thicker cable (RG-59) for the video signal and (18 awg) power, use # 8529D CCTV Combo Cable.