Cameras support photomicrographic applications
Cameras support photomicrographic applications.

April 25, 2005 09:35 - Featuring 2 million pixel ? in. format CCD, Model DS-2M cameras offer multiple live capture modes, picture sizes, and digital transfer rates while providing video display rates of up to 30 fps. System supports 3 camera heads including color CCD model DS-2Mv, cooled monochrome DS-2MBWc, and monochrome DS-2MBW for brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence and other microscopy techniques. Live preview mode with high frame-rate allows easy positioning of specimen.

Nikon Expands Its 'Digital Sight' Line of Advanced Digital Camera Imaging Systems

MELVILLE, NY, April 18, 2005 ¨C Nikon Instruments, Inc., ( a world leader in the development of advanced optical technology for microscopy, announced today its DS-2M camera series, the newest addition to the Digital Sight family of digital photomicrographic camera systems. The DS-2M models offer high frame rates and increased sensitivity in a 2 million pixel ? inch format CCD, featuring multiple live capture modes, picture sizes and digital transfer rates, with video display rates of up to 30 frames per second possible. Together with the L1 or U1 Digital Sight camera controllers, these versatile systems are ideally suited for use in cutting-edge biological research, clinical analysis and documentation, as well as medical teaching use. Industrial applications include research & development, quality assurance, and inspection.

The DS-2M's superior progressive scan motion picture performance enables video rate picture display that is comparable to an analog CCD camera for accurate focus and alignment of the sample, or when recording a specimen in motion. The system supports three types of camera heads including a color CCD model DS-2Mv, a cooled monochrome type DS-2MBWc, and monochrome type DS-2MBW for brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence and many other microscopy techniques. The DS-2M (2 megapixel ¨C fast transfer) camera heads, original DS-5M (5 megapixel high-resolution) models and L1 or U1 control units are all interchangeable and can be configured by the user for a variety of applications.

High Frame-rate

Live Preview mode with high frame-rate allows easy positioning of the specimen. The new "Digital Sight 2M series" now can be used as a monitoring camera or for a replacement of an analog CCTV system. The DS-2M series supports various live capture modes.

2M Full frame progressive mode 1600x1200 pixels at 15fps

1M Full frame interlaced binning mode 800 x 600 pixels at 20fps

1M Center progressive mode 800 x 560 pixels at 30fps

1M Center 2X Scan 800 x 560 pixels at 30fps

High Sensitivity

The new DS-2M series features two binning modes, which allow users to effectively increase the pixel size and, therefore, the imaging sensitivity of the system. Additionally, this process significantly enhances the signal-to-noise ratio. The binning mode allows researchers to select both imaging sensitivity and image resolution. The cameras also feature image capture at 12 bit intensity resolution in raw, jpeg or bitmap image formats. Also, by selecting the DS-2MBWc Cooled monochrome camera with cooling at -20ˇă C below ambient temperature, users can enjoy noiseless images at increased CCD sensitivity, even under long exposure times, common with low light level fluorescence imaging.

Flexible and Ease of Use

Nikon's Digital Sight (DS) series of imaging products has grown in popularity because it enables even novice users to take beautiful and accurate microscopic images with the stand alone L1 controller system featuring the added convenience of a built-in monitor for on screen measurements, annotations and image display. Ease of use and powerful ACT-2U software are hallmarks of the U1 controller system featuring fast image transfer to computers with its USB-2.0 digital interface.

Since 2000, Nikon has been expanding its line of digital microscope imaging systems, which seamlessly combine the technologies of microscopy and digital photography.

"The DS line of digital imaging products is an example of Nikon's focus on advancing the technology of microscopy through innovation," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "Image capture has become a high priority in microscopy, and the demand for products that deliver high quality and versatile functionality has grown considerably in recent years."

Other notable features of the DS-2M-L1 include: scene modes which allows the user to program and save settings for specific photographic conditions, a built-in 6.3 inch LCD viewing monitor, and a direct print option which allows users to print directly from the unit without connecting to a PC. The DS-2M-L1 system is also designed to interface with an external monitor for presentation mode and incorporates a 100 BaseT Ethernet LAN networking capability for direct connections to networks and the Internet.

The DS-2M-U1 camera and control unit is equipped with USB 2.0 interface for seamless control and rapid image capture to PC's. Installation is fast and easy requiring one USB connection to a desktop or laptop computer and is scaleable by adding Nikon's ACT-2U l software for microscope control, image capturing and analysis.

About Nikon Instruments Inc.

Nikon Instruments Inc., is a global leader in the development of advanced optical technology. Its product line includes microscopy equipment, digital imaging, precision measuring and semiconductor wafer-handling equipment. Nikon is committed to providing technologically advanced instruments that offer optimal versatility, performance and productivity. Nikon combines state-of-the-art capabilities with innovative designs to produce optically superior, ergonomically friendly products for cutting-edge scientific research, medical and industrial applications. For more information visit the Nikon website at Product related inquiries can be directed to Nikon Instruments at 800-52-NIKON.

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