Cameras and Monitoring


Historically, cameras became a part of overall security schemes in places of businesses and, eventually, pubic spaces. In time, the well to do introduced security cameras in their private residences.

With the advent of the Internet, cameras have become more and more common in the security schemes employed by a growing number of middle class men and women in their homes. Cameras have become affordable means of providing an added level of security protection in private residences in the United Kingdom and in other countries around the world.

The Interaction Between Camera and Internet

As mentioned at the start of this article, one of the reason security cameras have become more and more accessible to a larger number of people is the expansion of the Internet. Indeed, at this point in time, a majority of residences in the United Kingdom, throughout the European Union and in other points around the world, now have Internet access.

It is not a complicated feat to install a camera based security system around a private residence that ties in readily to the Internet and World Wide Web. The images captured by the video camera are transferred in real time via cyberspace to a computer terminal within the residence. Additionally, these images can just as easily be transferred via cyberspace to a security company far from the site of the residence in question.

Identifying Callers

Many times a private residence -- and the residents therein -- are victimized be unexpected callers. In other words, a malcontent presents his or her self at the residence with the idea of committing a crime.

Of course, peepholes and chains are somewhat helpful in screening and guarding against unwanted visitors will ill designs. However, nothing works as well as a discretely hidden camera. A camera can take in a wide range, a large scene, providing the homeowner with a far better idea of exactly who is present and calling at any given moment. Plus, should there ever be a problem on site, the camera creates a record that can be very useful in capturing those vagrants and in prosecuting a person or persons who have committed a crime on the premises of a residence.


In the past couple of years, the costs associated with camera based security systems have dropped dramatically. As a result, security cameras have become an economically feasible alternative for more and more men and women in the United Kingdom and elsewhere around the globe. Indeed, the presence of security cameras in private residences is expected to increase in the immediate future as more and more people come to appreciate

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