Camera Software acquires and analyzes digital photos
Camera Software acquires and analyzes digital photos.

August 15, 2002 07:43 - EclipseNet imaging software tools can be used with Nikon's DXM 1200 and DN 100 digital cameras for acquiring, archiving, and analyzing images. It can read all common image file formats, including JPEG2000, BMP, TIF, and GIF. It uses JPEG2000 for lossless image compression and as its native file saving image format. Software stores images using Microsoft industry standard database tools, and can write images to Internet or remote web browser.

Nikon Instruments Introduces New "Eclipsenet" Software For Digital Cameras

- Software Simplifies the Acquiring, Analyzing and Archiving Imaging Process -

MELVILLE, NY, AUGUST 8, 2002 - Nikon Instruments, Inc. has just introduced a new software product line, "EclipseNet" for Nikon Digital Cameras. This comprehensive package of imaging software tools can be used with Nikon's DXM 1200 and DN 100 digital cameras for use in the Biological and Industrial image documentation and analysis markets. EclipseNet has been engineered to the highest level of Microsoft Windows? design rules and contains a powerful image archiving and database engine utilizing Microsoft industry standard database tools. Using EclipseNet makes acquiring, archiving and analyzing images easier than ever.

EclipseNet was designed to read all common image file formats, and utilizes the new JPEG2000 standard as its native file saving image format (program also reads BMP, TIF and GIF to name a few). JPEG2000 allows for lossless image compression while maintaining superior image quality and the capacity to track image changes and alterations. EclipseNet offers various modes for interactive measurement and exports to clipboard or files enabling further statistical analysis in programs like Excel. Also, the size of the image is limited only by the system capacity.

This program's unique design and simple operating instructions gives users the ability to publish their image databases to a web browser. The user just needs to type in the address of where the EclipseNet Web DB is installed.

The Web DB then connects to the EclipseNet database, queries database for the requested records and sends the result to your remote browser. Plug-in modules that will be available soon include control of Nikon motorized microscopes such as the E1000 upright research microscope and the TE2000 research inverted microscope series, as well as various motorized stages.

About Nikon Instruments Inc.

Nikon Instruments Inc. is a world leader in precision optics manufacturing. Nikon is committed to providing its customers with quality products that include microscopes for bioscience research and industrial applications; high-performance semiconductor wafer handling and inspection equipment; advanced high-speed, vision-based and optical measuring tools; land surveying instruments; and diagnostic equipment for optometrists. For more information, visit the Nikon website at <>. Product related inquiries can be directed to Nikon Instruments at 800.52.NIKON.

Company Information:
Name: Nikon, Inc. Instrument Div.
Address: 1300-T Walt Whitman Rd.
City: Melville
State: NY
ZIP: 11747
Country: USA
Phone: 631-547-8500
FAX: 631-547-0306

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