COP COP 8 Channel DVR With CD Writer camera specification
COP 8 Channel DVR With CD Writer 799.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

An 8 Camera, networkable, 25fps, digital video recorder that has its own built in CD writer!

Simultaneous, real time digital recording from up to 8 cameras
View via a network remotely from multiple PCs (software included)
Record continuously or on motion detection
Time and date stamps all footage
Connect to any TV or monitor
Record up to 3 months continuously
Records up to 25 frames per second spread across all cameras
Built in 120GB hard drive included
Employs mjpeg file compression
Includes IR remote copntrol
Easy installation with plug and play connection
Record continuously or on motion detection
Back up can be done via the built in CD writer, VCR or through network
Live and playback zoom available
Supports PTZ cameras
Fully complies with the Data Protection Act.

Built-in Motion Detection

The COP DVR has built-in motion detection with different levels of sensitivity and the ability to exclude areas of the picture that you do not wish to set off the motion detection such as roads, trees, etc.

Plug and Play

Fitted with easy to use industry standard BNC inputs and two monitor outputs

Connect to your TV
Simply connect the DVR to your TV`s video input via a BNC to SCART lead and you will see the cameras displayed.

Improved Picture Quality:

Records up to 8 cameras digitally on to a Hard Drive, at a higher frame rate and with better picture quality than an equivalent Multiplexer/Time Lapse Video Recorder based system

Network / Remote Viewing

The LAN (Local Area Network) port allows you to connect up to a network to give convenient access to live, recorded footage aswell as freezing single images for printing without the need for a seperate video web server. The software provided allows for remote viewing over the network and internet via TCP/IP.It is easy to set up and use making it ideal for any small business!

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