CCTV Systems

Elan rolls out four-channel quad processor


Elan Home Systems has introduced its new Via!Quad four-channel color quad processor, which is designed for home security and monitoring. The Via!Quad allows Elan home cameras to present up to four different views at the same time.

The processor is also designed to be plug-and-play compatible with Elan’s Via!Tools programming software and Via!Touch Panels. Additional features include four video inputs, one video output, a selectable picture-in-picture option that allows picture placement anywhere on the screen and auto switch functions that allow sequential viewing of video.

For more information, contact Elan Home Systems at 859-269-7760 or visit

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Panasonic unveils hybrid network server

Panasonic has announced its PSS300HYB series hybrid analog/digital network server, designed to bridge the integration of IP addressable and conventional analog cameras.

The PSS300HYB features 32 channel fully integrated server software that has the capacity to address up to 256,000 cameras with open architecture to accommodate future developments in digital video recording. The server records up to 456 images per second and views up to 472 images per second. It sports between 160 and 750 gigabytes of internal hard drive capacity, advanced alarm functions and full matrix switching capabilities.

For more information, contact Panasonic at 866-726-2288 or visit

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MemoryLink Video Transport System


Developed by Adaptive Micro-Ware, the MemoryLink Video Transport System provides video compression and transport across the Canopy wireless broadband platformm from Motorola.

The systems uses a patented wavelet-based algorithm to encode and decode video and reltated data streams. The system provides variable or constant bit rates up to 7 Mbps, with frame rates of one to 30 frames per second.

For more information, contact Adaptive Micro-Ware at 260-489-0046 or visit

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Lenel rolls out Network Video Recorder

The Lenel Network Video Recorder is Lenel’s integrated IP camera-based digital video management solution, delivering the ultimate in flexibility and open architecture. The LNVR software solution allows customers a choice of manufacturers for their PC network video recorder, IP cameras, and storage media.

For more information, call 585-248-9720 or visit Lenel at

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VCS unveils VideoJet 800


VCS’s VideoJet 8000 video sender/receiver transmits eight channels of DVD-quality video over an IP network and fits in a 1HU slot. Designed for situations where multiple cameras are wired to the same location, it is ideal for high-density professional IP video projects and as a drop-in replacement for analogue multiplexers.

For more information, call VCS at 49-911-93456-63 or visit

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Verint debuts WebReview


With WebReview from Verint, Loronix Video Solutions users can view their entire digital video network from any computer by simply using a web browser. Web-

Review allows users to view live and recorded video utilizing an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

For more information, call Verint at 303-450-5916 or visit

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MobileSentry from Integral Technologies


MobileSentry is a wireless viewing option for Integral Technologies’ DVX, DVXi, DigitalSentryP2 or DS XPress digital surveillance systems.

Users can access their systems anytime, anywhere. With the MobileSentry software loaded on any Smart-Phone, users can access their systems from wherever they may be without being in front of a computer.

For more information, contact Integral Technologies at 317-845-9242 or visit

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iMPath Networks announces i1000


iMPath Networks has launched its i1000 MPEG Video Encoder and Decoder. The dual-channel i1000 augments the i-Volution series of digital video transmission and data communications products and offers customers greater flexibility when designing a video surveillance network.

The i1000 provides a solution for digitizing and compressing one or two NTSC or PAL video source signals, such as those of CCTV Cameras, and converting them to an IP stream for distribution to either a central monitoring facility or a distributed network of monitoring stations (such as clients equipped with monitoring software on a Local Area Network).

For more information, call iMPath at 613-226-4000 or visit

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GE Interlogix rolls out ClearCast


GE Interlogix ClearCast enterprise-class digital video/audio recording systems incorporate compression technology that delivers real-time recording of superior quality images using small amounts of storage. This compression achieves real-time data rates between 0.5 and 1.5 Mbps per camera at 640x480 image size and 150-500 Kbps at 320x240 image size.

For more information, call GE Interlogix at 800-469-1676 or visit

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American Dynamics introduces new viewer


American Dynamics’ View-er is a 360-degree imaging system that integrates into existing CCTV installations, without a PC.  The viewer captures all activity – including images below the camera,

at 30 ips, and offers pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, and five user-selectable views.  The optional Re-Viewer module allows interaction with recorded video.

For more information, call 800-862-7515 or visit

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Honeywell rolls out new version of DVM application


DVM R160, the latest version of Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager application, provides a flexible

security management system that allows customers to digitally record, collect and distribute video.

Key features included in this latest version of the DVM application are enhanced video motion-detection capabilities, enterprise-wide access, distributed management to prevent single-point system failure and open software solutions for easy and affordable upgrades and retrofits.

For more information, call Honeywell at 800-223-8947 or visit them online at

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Axis’ 2411 Video Server

The Axis 2411 Video Server is an entry-level unit that provides high-quality video streams over the computer network. Its small size enables it to be placed inside an enclosure with an analog camera, saving time and money during installation. It is equipped with one composite video input and an Ethernet port.

For more information, call Axis at 800-444-2947 or visit

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Aiphone rolls out KC-IFA network video adaptor


The KC-IFA network video interface adaptor from Aiphone allows an Aiphone color video door station to be connected to a video server and viewed on a PC through a network. Features include two-way audio and video surveillance capability, alarm annunciation, remote door/gate answering and door release control.

For more information, call 800-692-0200 or visit

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Extreme CCTV introduces Moonlight-IRCCTV


The stand-alone infrared illuminator from Extreme CCTV instantly equips infrared sensitive “box cameras” with night vision performance by providing invisible illumination to distances from 20-50 feet. The IRCCTV is a cost-effective illuminator source that installs into conventional cameras without extra cabling. The unit features rapid install to -20 threads of conventional CCD cameras. Applications include night-time monitoring of medical patients and sleep disorder research.

For more information, visit or call 888-409-2288.

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Ionit’s ionitRT provides advanced networking features


The ionitRT from Ionit Technology delivers real-time performance as well as advanced networking features. The newly designed ionitRT’s chassis and server-class motherboard can support up to 16 cameras recording each camera at 30 fps.

The ionitRT will record cameras directly onto internal, hot swappable hard drives using advanced RAID controllers. Users continue to view live and recorded video locally or remotely.

For more information, call Ionit Technologies at 888-635-0221 or visit the company’s website at

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Sperry West releases wireless surveillance kit


The wireless, battery camera video commander surveillance kit from Sperry West is designed to capture up to five days of covert video surveillance with no visible wire, using a wireless, battery-powered Spyder Covert Video camera with the Video Commander 1000w Kit.

The camera transmits video, even through walls, to the concealed Video Commander case where a powerful DVR, using internal power, records incidents quietly and discreetly.

For more information, contact Sperry West at 877-546-3200 or visit the company’s website at

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American Dynamics releases MegaPower LT


American Dynamics’ new MegaPower LT is a small matrix switcher, offered with 16 or 32 channels. It’s a feature rich system with two new keyboard choices, a bi-directional up-the-cable dome protocol that allows for cost effective installations, and “QuickSet” - the operator’s dome menu for better control without compromising security.

For more information, contact American Dynamics at 800-862-7515 or visit the company’s website at


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Cantronic releases LED style Infrared Illuminators

Cantronic's has extended its line of product to include a new series of LED style Infrared Illuminators. The CSI series of Illuminator for CCTV applications is designed to produce clear night vision images for security surveillance.

These illuminators are low power consumption, ranging from only 3W to 12W and can operate at temperatures ranging from -30 to 55 degrees Celsius. They can be used for applications such as night-time surveillance, prison surveillance, police surveillance, government facilities and any facilities that requires a high level of security.

For more information, call 604-516-6667 or visit

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Network Synthesis offers digital surveillance solution

Network Synthesis’ Digital Security Surveillance System, DS3, is a complete digital security surveillance solution that provides full-motion video capture with unlimited camera support, digital and redundant storage and remote and wireless digital control.

The system provides real-time MPEG-4 compression technology that supports the major video players.

For information, contact Network Synthesis at 949-453-1805 or visit

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GE Interlogix adds BusSecure digital recording system


The GE Interlogix Video Systems Group announces its new BusSecure mobile digital recording system, which records and stores video inputs from one to four cameras mounted inside or outside a vehicle.

To resolve incidents quickly, a digital video processor with 80 GB of removable storage lets recorded images be viewed in the field with a laptop or from a desktop PC.

The rugged, economical digital recording system provides fast record rates, vibration protection and synchronized audio recording. BusSecure images are captured at rates of one to 30 images per second. Storage capacity is determined by image capture speed, whether cameras are color or black and white and image resolution settings.

For information, contact GE Interlogix at 800-469-1676 or visit

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Safety Vision debuts RoadRecorder 5000 System

Safety Vision’s RoadRecorder 5000 provides an on-board digital video recording system with encryption capabilities. With the cameras strategically positioned on the bus, the DVR can record everything from passengers entering to passengers sitting in the back row.

It also has zoom in capability during playback that allows focus in on a particular passenger. Multiple sensor inputs record brakes, turn signals, and headlights. The GPS interface records longitude, latitude, speed and direction of the bus.

For information, contact Safety Vision at 800-880-8855 or visit

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Stanley unveils StanVision door sensing system

Stanley Access Technologies introduces StanVision, a door sensing system that uses digital video camera technology. The system, which functions as both a door sensor and a security camera, is designed to fit any automatic door and can be tied to an existing CCTV system.

The camera views each door cycle and transmits the info to a recorder.

The StanVision system is also available with OnGuard technology, which features two additional cameras, an integrated alarm system, impact-resistant glass and crash bars.

For information, contact Stanley Access Technologies at 888-366-7444 or visit

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SBC-VAV controllers reintroduced

American Auto-Matrix has brought back its SBC-VAV model controllers. The controllers are both variable air volume and constant air volume terminal box digital controllers.

The SBC-VAV works on existing Public Unitary Protocol networks and uses a graphically displayed temperature sensor.

Features include surface mount technology, an integrated high-resolution airflow sensor and compatibility with other American Auto-Matrix products.

For information, contact American Auto-Matrix at 724-7333-2000 or visit the website at

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Mace rolls out quad video surveillance system

Mace Security International Inc. has introduced a new color quad video surveillance system developed by its security products division.

The system consists of a high resolution color dual page quad monitor, four weatherproof indoor/outdoor color cameras with audio and infrared built into each camera and four 60-foot plug and play cables.

The system’s monitor contains a built-in quad switcher which enables a user to program four cameras simultaneously.

For more information, call 856-778-2300 or visit

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Panavise unveils CCTV window mount

The new CCTV Camera Window Mount from PanaVise Products adheres to any smooth, non-porous surface and is recommended for temporary surveillance installations. The mount’s powerful suction cup attaches securely to windshields, glass and two-way mirrors. It allows an installer to quickly move CCTV cameras from vehicle-to-vehicle or location-to-location.

The mount’s overall length is five inches and the suction cup’s diameter is 3.4 inches.

For more information, call 800-759-7535 or visit

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SDC releases stand alone mortise lockset

The battery powered E73 EntryCheck from Security Door Controls is a keypad or computer programmable digital mortise lockset with features expected in a hardwired system.

The systems includes 500 user codes, a 2,200 event history, 150,000 cycle battery life, nine management group levels, 90 user groups, unlimited time zones, 1,800 scheduled events, and double code entry and grade one extra heavy duty mortise lock.

Programming and event history for up to 200 locksets can be transferred via infrared data transmission device.

For more information on this product, call SDC at 805-494-0622 or visit the company’s website at

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Sperry West debuts surveillance kit

The Wireless Digital Video Commander 1000w surveillance kit from Sperry West is designed for quick set up and easy operation to catch and stop workplace thieves and vandals.

The digital video recorder can capture up to 36 days of surveillance.

The user chooses from a variety of discretely disguised cameras, like a thermostat or pencil sharpener and all-wireless battery operated cameras.

For more information, call Sperry West at 877-546-3200 or visit

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Infinova introduces V2030

Featuring comprehensive functions, pre-configuration and modular architecture, the Infinova V2030 is a cost-effective video matrix switcher/controller system for use in large-scale CCTV installations.

The V2030 is equipped for a maximum of 1024 video inputs and 128 video outputs, and it’s scalable, high density, modular design allows for easy system expansion. This product features Ethernet network capability, which can provide remote management of the entire CCTV system.

For more information on this product, call Infinova at 888-685-2002 or visit the company’s website at

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DynaPel announces SteadyCCTV

DynaPel Systems announces their new SteadyCCTV appliance, which stabilizes shaky surveillance video in real-time, and is based on Equator’s BSP family of processors.

SteadyCCTV is offered to CCTV system integrators and OEMs as a complete plug-and-play video appliance as well as packaged in a Software Development kit.

Any video source can be stabilized in real-time.

For more information on this product, call DynaPel at 212-986-7333 or visit the company’s website at

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Lenel adds IP video management solution

Lenel’s OnGuard LDVR.NET is an IP camera solution that offers an alternative to hard-wired cameras and utilizes browser-based technologies.

Video can be streamed via a LAN/WAN. It can also be recorded to a central storage PC.

Two camera configurations are available: a standard IP camera; and a translator module that converts the signal from analog to digital, allowing customers to keep existing analog cameras.

The system can be configured to link cameras and video to access events and associated hardware, creating an advanced investigative tool that’s part of a total security solution.

For more information, call 716-248-9720, or visit

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cVideo unveils the Mobile system

cVideo is announcing the release of its new ruggedized, shock-resistant Mobile video system.

The Mobile system discourages intimidation. It works to defeat fraudulent claims and it also speeds investigation of accidents, violence, threats and other similar incidents.

It supports up to eight cameras, provides real-time video access via Verizon’s Express Network, and it typically maintains a month of recorded video available to authorized network users.

For more information on the Mobile system, call cVideo at 877-284-3361 or visit the company’s website at

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Intivid releases VIP Version 9

Intivid Solutions has just released the latest version of its digital video management system.

VIP Version 9 brings new features designed to address the requirements of the financial and retail industries.

VIP Version 9 features area based motion detection, alarm event transmission, motion search, synchronized and real-time playback, bandwidth limiter. An optional web interface are also featured in VIP Version 9.

For more information, contact Intivid at 800-561-8088 or visit the company’s website at

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Sequent unveils Ranger 350i

The Ranger 350i from Sequent Technologies is the first television-quality mobile video transmitter that utilizes existing wireless networks to deliver compressed streaming video transmissions via the Internet.

The Ranger 350i can record thousands of hours of video, audio and information while simultaneously transmitting live video via cellular, satellite, wireless LAN and other networks.

The main applications for Sequent products are in law enforcement, military, commercial security, public safety and homeland defense.

For more information, call 888-838-3788 or visit the company’s website at

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ATV debuts the Talon

Advanced Technology Video presents a new line of triplex multiplexers, the Talon.

The Talon Multiplexer is programmable with mouse-driven screen controls and fully integrates ATV’s line of speed dome cameras and controllers.

The Talon features four call monitors and a 16x16 grid for motion detection,

For more information, call ATV at 888-288-7644 or visit

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Channel Vision’s new camera servers

The Channel Vision W-2000 series web-based camera servers let users monitor their surveillance cameras from any computer.

The W-2000 series is available for one or two cam-eras and features motion detection, date/time stamp, GPIO input event trigger, remote PTZ camera control and the capability to upgrade firmware and user content pages remotely via an FTP site.

For information, call 800-840-0288 or visit

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Alpha Systems Lab releases RemoteWatch

Alpha Systems Lab’s RemoteWatchXperience Version 5.0 combines the latest in digital video recorder and remote video transmission.

Features include up to 120 FPS, 16x3 spot monitor matrix, CD-RW and up to 800 Mb HDD.

For information, call Alpha Systems at 800-576-4275 or visit

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3R Technologies rolls out video server

The Brans200 from 3R Technologies is a network video server that provides real-time video monitoring of four remote cameras via a 512KB LAN connection.

Brans200 also provides a bi-directional audio channel for remote talk/listen capability, and user configurable relays for remote activation.

For information, call 3R at 888-541-9971 or visit

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Ademco Video releases Rapid Eye MultiMedia

Ademco Video Systems announces the release of its Rapid Eye MultiMedia system.

Ademco Video’s Rapid Eye MultiMedia is a highly secure and flexible enterprise-class digital storage and transmission system.

The unit has been developed to adapt the product for specific and distinctive applications.

Samples of the feature set include point-of-sale interface, networked access control integration, two channels of audio recording, 250-4,000 camera days of storage and multi-site operation.

For more information on Ademco Video’s Rapid Eye MultiMedia system, contact Ademco Video Systems at 800-467-5875 or visit the company’s website at

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American Dynamics launches viewer imaging system

The new American Dynamics Viewer is a 360-degree imaging system that is designed to be used alone or with fixed cameras and domes.

With its composite video output, the viewer integrates into an existing CCTV system and does not require a PC.

The optional Re-Viewer module allows users to treat video as if it were recorded using a PTZ camera.

For more information, call American Dynamics at 888-642-2400 or visit

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Ultrak’s KSX3208L extends network conductivity

The KSX3208L from Ultrak provides large systems features in a small matrix solution.

This switcher extends network conductivity by supporting 32 total looping video inputs and eight video outputs.

Integrated Ethernet network connectivity provides an analog/digital solution.

For more information, call 800-796-2288 or visit www.

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American Dynamics features new Control Center

The new American Dynamics ControlCenter is the company’s latest addition to its Mega Power controller line.

The Control Center controls and programs the full MegaPower family of matrix/controllers. It utilizes macro keys for almost unlimited scalability, integrates Smart Card technology for access and mobility, and becomes a powerful workstation that is uniquely configured and programmed for each and every user.

For more information on this product , call American Dynamics at 888-642-2400, or visit the company’s website at

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cVideo unveils the POS Applications Suite

cVideo Inc., a developer of networked, digital-video security solutions, released its suite of point-of-sale (POS) applications, designed to decrease the $33 billion losses from employee theft, shoplifting, and administrative / vendor fraud shrinkage.

The cVideo POS Applications Suite allows managers and loss prevention staff to monitor many different store or restaurant operations remotely, capture customer purchasing behavior, and supervise employees from a remote location.

For more information, call cVideo at 877-284-3361 or visit

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Sanyo introduces network video server

Sanyo is introducing the model VSP-SV2000, a high-performance video server. It can network up to four analog devices— cameras, multiplexers or DVRs for archiving and monitoring local and remote video via LAN or the Internet.

The VSP-SV2000 is a single hardware device with the capability of delivering JPEG2000 images via networks or the Internet at speeds of up to 30 frames per second.

JPEG2000 offers high picture quality and smaller file sizes, making it the best solution for image transmission.

For more information, call 818-998-7322 or visit

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Bosch introduces new digital video array

Bosch Security Systems is introducing the new DVAS series Digital Video Array that provides high capacity and reliability.

Using the standard RAID 5 configuration, this unit provides up to 2 terabytes of protected storage and can accommodate two digital video recorders.

The disk drives can also be configured as hot-spares, which can be put on standby to automatically start rebuilding the data from a failed drive. This feature minimizes the time that the array would be functioning without RAID protection.

For information, call 800-326-3270, or visit

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Pelco’s DX7000CMS allows control of 48 live cameras simultaneously

Pelco's DX7000CMS allows users to view and control up to 48 live cameras simultaneously, selected from up to 100 IP-addressable sites.

An operator can easily drag and drop cameras into the display screen and play back individual cameras with a click of the mouse. The software also provides a live-display-scheduling menu along with remote motion, site connection, and sensor log files.

For more information, call 800-289-910 or visit

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Carol Products debuts Snoop CCTV system

Carol Products has introduced the Snoop, a self-contained covert CCTV surveillance system that includes black-and-white camera, video motion detector activation and a memory card the size of a postage stamp.

With the Snoop, you can quickly set up covert surveillance without drawing attention to it and then easily review the recorded events. The Snoop is also ideal for anyone who needs covert surveillance but does not have a lot of experience or comfort with it, or the time and patience.

For more information, call 732-918-8111 or visit

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Viewer offers 360-degree views

American Dynamics is introducing Viewer, a wide-angle fisheye lens/computer chip combination that gives users a full 360-degree panoramic view. Eliminating blind spots in high-traffic areas, this new product is ideal for applications that require viewing live or recorded video of an entire area.

Viewer can be used in standalone applications or in conjunction with existing fixed camera and programmable dome systems and does not require a dedicated PC in order to display or record images.

For more information, call 212-424-1366 or visit

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