CCD Camera targets security surveillance applications
Bosch Adds Day/Night Cameras To Dinion(xf) Line

Fairport, New York, February 2005 -- Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, has added two new cameras to its high-performance, smart surveillance DinionXF camera line. The new 1/3-inch LTC 0495 and 1/2-inch LTC 0620 Digital CCD Day/Night Cameras include a mechanically switching IR filter to ensure the highest image quality possible, even under poor lighting conditions. This guarantees around-the clock surveillance, making the new cameras ideal for high-security areas including public utilities, prisons, and banks, as well as for situations where identification and image detail are critical, such as in retail stores.

Bosch’s new LTC 0495 and LTC 0620 DinionXF Day/Night Cameras enhance night viewing by increasing infrared (IR) sensitivity, reducing the need for additional lighting. This is especially cost effective in large areas. The IR filter can automatically switch from color to monochrome by either sensing the illumination level or via the alarm input. The filter can also be switched manually via the alarm input, through the camera menu or via the Bilinx coaxial control interface, a bi-directional communication capability embedded in the video signal that enables technicians to check status, change camera settings, and update firmware from anywhere along the video cable.

The cameras offer a unique combination of 15-bit digital video processing to enhance sensitivity and XF-Dynamic to extend the dynamic range, providing sharper, more detailed images with outstanding color accuracy. The digital signal is processed automatically to capture detail in both high- and low-light areas of a scene simultaneously, maximizing the information visible in the picture. In addition, the infrared allows the cameras to record evidence not possible under visible light.

For low lighting situations, DinionXF Day/Night Cameras feature SensUp, which increases integration time on the CCD up to 10 times dramatically enhancing effective sensitivity. This is especially useful when relying only on moonlight for illumination.

All Dinion cameras are ready to operate right out of the box without the need for any tools – users simply attach and focus the lens, then connect power. The camera’s Lens Wizard automatically detects lens type and helps focus the lens at the maximum opening for proper focus throughout the 24-hour cycle, ensuring accurate back-focusing for perfectly sharp pictures at all times. When fine tuning or special settings are required, the camera’s parameters can be individually set using the side control buttons and on-screen display (OSD).

Additional features of the DinionXF Day/Night Cameras include Video Motion Detection, a built-in feature that allows users to select up to four fully programmable areas with individual thresholds. The global scene change detector minimizes false alarms caused by sudden lighting condition changes, such as switching on or off the indoor or security lighting.

Auto Black enhances contrast by compensating for reduced contrast (e.g., glare, fog, mist), and the Dinion cameras offer Back Light Compensation (BLC) with a fully programmable area of interest and a variable BLC level, so the cameras can be easily set up for even the most challenging entrance applications.

The cameras come equipped with three independent, pre-programmed operating modes that support typical applications, but are fully programmable for individual situations. A fast default shutter speed in sufficient lighting conditions captures moving objects. When light levels fall and other adjustments have been exhausted, the speed reverts to a standard setting to maintain sensitivity.

DinionXF Day/Night Cameras are available by calling 866-CCTVREP (866-228-8737).

For more information on new DinionXF cameras, visit or call
(800) 289-0096.

About Bosch Security Systems:

Bosch Security Systems is a leading supplier of equipment to the electronic protection industry. The company designs, manufactures and markets electronic detection, control and communication equipment around the world for security, fire protection, access control, closed circuit television and personnel and asset tracking applications. In North America, the Bosch Group manufactures and markets automotive original equipment and aftermarket products, industrial automation and mobile products, power tools and accessories, security technology, packaging equipment and household appliances. Bosch employs more than 23,300 associates in more than 80 facilities throughout North America with reported sales of $6.6 billion in 2003. For more information about Bosch Security Systems visit or call (800) 289-0096.

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