Burglar Alarm Systems Defined
Burglar Alarm Systems help deter and scare off burglars and warn you or your neighbors in the event someone does break into your home. You can pay thousands of dollars for a professionally installed burglar alarm system, but you are paying mainly for labor. With a wireless system you can install your own, equally effective, economical, system in a small apartment or a rambling residence.

There are two basic choices in do-it-yourself installations: a parameter system or a motion-detector system. A parameter system sounds an alarm when someone opens a door or window. A motion detector sounds an alarm when sensors inside the house detect motion. The most effective system often combines these two basic types: magnetic sensors on all entry doors and possibly windows, and motion-detecting sensors in crucial interior spaces. Estimate your needs by counting doors and crucial windows.

Window/door sensors and motion detectors send signals to the control panel which in turn does one or more of the following: triggers a siren, calls up to 4 preset phone numbers, or notifies a monitoring service. Also available are window/door sensors and motion detectors that contain a siren and work independently. All can be armed and disarmed by a keypad on the unit, a remote control, or a ?panic button? kept by the bedside.

Parameter systems detect intrusion instantly while motion detectors sound an alarm when an intruder prowls into a monitored space. Complete systems, using both approaches and expandable to suit specific requirements of your home or apartment, can be purchased in kit form and easily installed.

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