Build Your Own Covert Surveillance Camera!
  • Incredibly small slightly larger than a postage stamp
  • Can be installed into countless household items like clocks, smoke detectors, teddy bears, etc.
  • Incredible 380-line resolution and 0.5 lux minimum illumination Use this tiny black & white camera to build your own covert video surveillance system at an unbelievable price! At 1.25" x 1.25" slightly larger than a postage stamp this ?" CCD cameras can be easily installed into any number of everyday items, including smoke detectors, clocks, picture frames, teddy bears, or anything else you imagination can dream up.

    Easy connection. Two wires connect to the RCA video-in jacks of your VCR, modulator or monitor TV. The power jack coming off the board attaches to the included 12 VDC power supply. With a high 380-line resolution and a low lux of 0.5, it is among the smallest and best performing board camera you can buy! Power supply included.