Brink's Media Protector Fire Safe
Do you have film, photographs, videos or computer media that you would like to protect? What about special CD ROMs or DVDs? All of these items are extremely sensitive to temperature and can start to deteriorate at temperatures as low as 150?F.

To protect your memories and data, we recommend the Brink's Media Protector Firesafe Model 5040. By maintaining an internal temperature below 125?F during a fire up to 1500?F for one hour, this safe is designed to perform long after the average house fire is typically extinguished.

The Brink's Media Protector offers approximately .15 cubic feet of storage capacity--plenty for hundreds of photographs or negatives, nearly 100 CD-ROMs or years worth of compact video cassettes. Features a steel latch and key lock for added security. Includes easy roll detachable cart with steel caster wheels. U.L. listed. 69 lbs.

Media Protector Firesafe

1550?F / 1 hr. fire protection
.15 cubic feet capacity
Includes key lock
Includes detachable cart
Weight: 69 lbs.
Outside Dimensions: 16"Wx13"Hx12-1/2"D
Inside Dimensions: 8-6/8"Wx6"Hx5-1/4"D

In addition to your already installed Brink's Home Security system, the Brink's Media Protector Fire Safe gives you the added sense of security that your valuables will be protected.

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