Boost any baseband video signals for long runs!
  • Boost the signal quality and resolution of security cameras connected to long cable runs
  • Gold-plated jacks ensure maximum signal transfer
  • Compact size - can be easily mounted in confined spaces or in equipment racks If your surveillance system has security cameras more than 50 feet away from your modulator, VCR or monitor, chances are you're not getting the signal strength and picture quality you need to capture fine details. But boost the signals with a Video Line Amplifier, and you'll experience clear, sharp pictures, even on cable runs as long as 2,000 feet! Clearer, sharper images are critical if your cameras are in locations that may capture criminal activity, especially if the footage must be scrutinized by law enforcement personnel or courtroom juries.

    Unlike line-driven amplifiers that have to be installed on the cable run every couple of hundred feet or so, this amplifier installs just once at the camera end of the cable, outputting enough power to boost signals along the entire cable length. A unique power supply input gives you many ways to power the device, including the power supplies listed below (#7796PS1 or #7796PS4, each sold separately), or any other power source outputting 12 to 24 volts AC or DC, giving you the ultimate in flexibility (two block terminals included).

    You'll also be able to tweak the images to your liking thanks to the adjustable gain and equalization knobs. A handy reference chart even recommends the knob positions based on the length of the cable run. One Video Line Amplifier is recommended for every camera attached to a long cable run. Fully compatible with NTSC or PAL systems. Includes adhesive-backed Velcro for easy mounting. Order yours today and experience the full potential of your security camera system!

    Don't Forget the Power Supply!
    Because this amplifier uses an uncommon power supply that may be difficult to find at stores, we recommend using one of the 24VDC power supplies listed below (each sold separately). Made by the same manufacturer as the amplifier itself, these power supplies are fully UL-approved. If you plan on only using one amplifier, use the 400mA version (#7796PS4). If you plan on powering one or more amplifiers, use the 1000mA version (#7796PS1).


    75 ohm, BNC, Ground-referenced

    Input level
    1 Vp-p video

    Adjustable from Unity to +5 dB

    10 MHz

    Adjustable Flat to +4 dB @ 3.58 MHz
    Flat to +7 dB @ 5 MHz

    Optimized at each setting for flattest response of video signal components without square wave overshoot

    Residual noise
    less than -65 dB (referenced to 1V p-p)

    75 ohm source terminated BNC, Ground-referenced

    12 to 33 Vdc @ Ground-referenced, or 12 to 24 Vac, @ 30 mA