Bold Technologies Partners with HID to Embed Access Control Functions in Manitou

Bold Technologies, a leading provider of automation software, and HID, the premier manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry, have formed a strategic partnership that will provide one point of control for access control and other technologies in a central monitoring facility.

HID's VertX CS has an open architecture platform that enables Bold to fully integrate access control functions within its revolutionary and powerful automation software, Manitou, eliminating the need for separate access control stations that today are merely co-located within the central station facility.

"Manitou was designed to control all the technology in the control room," said Jerry Winslow, President of Bold Technologies. "With Manitou and its ability to embed existing access control and other technologies into one point of control, the days of multiple databases, training on multiple systems and errors generated by different operating environments are gone."

Having one point of control will reduce training for operators and enable the information that is available for an event to be seen on one screen and responded to more accurately and efficiently.

By embedding the access control functions of VertX CS into Manitou, users will be able to log every door entry and when alarms or exceptions are raised and respond to any exceptions directly from Manitou. Furthermore, they can control all aspects of the access control system; data entry will be synchronized with the alarm monitoring data entry. Removal of an authorized person to a building, will remove them from both the monitoring system and Access control system. Linking to the alarm system through Manitou will also reduce false alarms. Manitou through the use of its unique Reverse Channel architecture allows command and control functions from Action Patterns or Floor plans, such as: opening/closing doors, PTZ camera control with activated video and audio, environmental control, home automation or any other control functions. This is all available though Manitou - one point of control.

The VertX CS platform is a fully functional hardware/firmware infrastructure based on application specific collaborations. VertX CS supports intrusion-related functions and terminology associated with central station alarm monitoring software, and is also a network-compatible access device that interfaces with HID Prox, iCLASS(r) and all other popular access control card and reader technologies.

"The intrusion-related functions and terminology of VertX CS will be associated with Manitou," said Mark Scaparro, HID's executive vice president of sales. "Corporate customers will be able to purchase one integrated automation system with the friendly and intuitive Manitou interface, which will allow them to manage their system more cost effectively. Alarm dealers will now have the ability to expand the services and provide access control solutions to their centrally managed alarm customers utilizing the same software platforms they already use today."

"Both Bold and HID will bring a level of integration to the security world, that has never before been accomplished," added Winslow.

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