Blue Storm 500
Blue Storm 500

- 500W
- Latest ATX12V v2.0 with backwards compatibility
- Compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors
- BSCC (Blue Storm Cooling Control) with optimized structure for whisper-quiet operation
- Mean Time Before Failure of over 100,000 hours
- Voltage stability even under heavy loads
- Environmentally friendly with the incorporation of PFC
- In accordance to Blue Angel-low power consumption on standby (<1W)
- High efficiency (over 70% up to 80%)
- Over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection (OVP, OCP and SCP)
- Separate 12V rails for CPU and peripherals, in accordance to TUV safety requirements, providing extra voltage stability on the 12V on heavy loads.
- S-ATA power connectors for new HDDs and optical drives
- Input voltage: 90-132V / 180-264V switchable
- Dimensions: Standard PS2 -150x140x86mm

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