Biodata Opens Branch Office in Japan


Securing Telecommunications Around The World

Lichtenfels, Germany. March 9, 1999. - Biodata, the world leader in Enterprise Networking and Information Security Logistics, today announced the opening of a new branch office in Tokyo, Japan. Senior Vice President of Biodata Japan Ltd., Leonard Oh, heads the new office of Biodata which will be providing direct access to security technology for computer networks and telecommunications in one of the technologically most developed countries worldwide.

"The new branch office reveals our global market strategy to secure corporate and government telecommunications infrastructures. With these strategically located offices we offer our customers 24 hours emergency standby service all over the world", said Tan Siekmann, President of Biodata. "The Japanese market is characterized by a willingness to always implement the latest in computer and telecommunications technologies, presenting best chances for Biodata's state-of-the-art products ." - "Biodata Japan Ltd. offers local assistance and support", emphasized Leonard Oh, Senior Vice President of Biodata Japan Ltd. "Our expert team will not only be giving support, but also in-house training for our clients so that the customers themselves will be competent to administer their own security product from Biodata."

Located in Azabu near Tokyo Tower, the new branch office is centered directly in the Japanese urban metropolis. In future, a digital camera on the Internet website will provide users with live pictures of Tokyo City as seen directly from the Biodata office.

About Biodata

Biodata, founded in 1984, is a global provider of cryptographic devices as well as network and communications technology products. The company's portfolio includes ISDN routers, internet firewalls ("BIGfire+") with separate management systems and 112-bit data encryption products ("Babylon") for public telecommunications networks. The worldwide logistics center is located in Biel, Switzerland. With offices in the UK, in Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, Singapore, Japan, Australia and the United States, Biodata offers worldwide support and distribution.

More information about Biodata and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at

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