Be Alerted When Vehicles Approach, Up to 1,000 Feet Away!
  • A true wireless vehicle detection system - does not require a long cable connecting to your home
  • Automatically sound a chime, open a garage door or gate, or control the house lights when a car approaches
  • Works with X10 systems with low-voltage inputs; just add an optional Powerflash module Don't let unexpected visitors catch you off-guard! This Long-Range Battery-Operated Vehicle Sensor System alerts you with a chime the moment a vehicle turns onto your driveway, up to 1,000 feet away. You can even program it to prompt your home automation system to activate other functions, like turning on lights, opening free-access gates and much more. Best of all, this wireless system is super easy to install! It's perfect for situations where running cable between the sensor and main controller is too difficult, time-consuming or expensive.

    How does it work? Just place or bury the probe sensor anywhere along your driveway, and connect it to the control box with the attached 35' cable. When the probe detects a moving vehicle, a high-quality integrated transmitter sends a 900MHz signal. The indoor receiver picks up that signal and activates a wall-mountable chime. To automatically activate lights, gates, garage doors, etc., you'll need either an X10 Powerflash Module (#4060) to trigger a macro in any X10 home automation interfaces, or a controller that accepts low-voltage inputs, like the TimeCommander Plus (#1200, sold separately).

    The control box is powered by three included lithium batteries and is completely weatherproof. Mount it anywhere near the probe sensor, even in areas exposed to rain. The batteries last about one year. The indoor receiver will even illuminate a trouble light when batteries need to be replaced.

    The system includes:

  • A single probe with 35 feet of cable

  • A weatherproof NEMA 3 rated control box

  • A 900MHz receiver

  • An indoor wall-mount chime

  • Lithium batteries for the control box

  • An AC adapter for the receiver