Barking Dog Theft Deterrent Device
Meet Rex! He's peace of mind because he hates intruders as much as you do! Imagine having a ferocious 100-pound Rotweiler guarding your home 24 hours a day. What if this watchdog could see through walls, glass and doors and bark loudly before an intruder came close to entering your home!

You can have this ferocious security device as an electronic dog alarm called the Barking Dog! The Barking Dog alarm comes with a key chain remote that you can place next to the bed. You hear something at night ... simply push the button and ReX10 goes to work!

The barking dog can also turn on lights in your house. When someone approaches your house, the dog will start barking and about 10 seconds later light will come on, making the intruder think the dog woke someone up. This is the best way to make burglars think you are home when you are not.

Simple Set-up! Remove the battery cover on the back of RoboDog and install 9 C cell alkalinebatteries (observe polarity). Replace the battery cover and plug the ACpower cord into any convenient AC outlet near a window or outside door when itwill easily be heard by someone approaching your home. Note: batteries are for backup only.

Additional options include:
Outdoor Motion Detector can trigger the Barking Dog to bark whenever someone walks by or close to your house.
Screw Style Lamp Modules - For convenient, screw-in control of a single light bulb.
Plug-in style Lamp Modules - For convenient, plug-in control of any lamps which are plugged into the wall outlet.
Wall Switch Modules - For manual and remote switching of any lights which are controlled by a standard wall switch.
Rocker Style Wall Switch Modules - For manual and remote switching of any lights which are controlled by a rocker style wall switch.

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