Background Statistics


Men and women around the world need to understand that crimes that occur in a person’s home or to a person’s home are becoming more and more common experiences. In this article, we examine a few statistics relating to crimes committed at or against a person’s home.

Residential Burglaries: When Someone is at Home

While the vast majority of residential burglaries occur when there is no one at home, in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia, a significant percentage of residential burglaries when a person actually is at home.

While there is some fluctuation in statistics from year to year, on average about 15% of the time a person is at home when a residential burglary occurs.

Currently, this statistic -- people in their homes when a burglary occurs -- actually is a bit higher in the United Kingdom than it is in the other countries mentioned and referenced in this article.

Frequency of Residential Burglaries

Residential burglaries are common occurrences. In most western nations, at least three home burglaries occur every minute. In some countries, the rate is actually much higher. For example, in the United States, a home burglary occurs every eleven seconds.

While some types of crime have reduced in frequency in recent years, such is not the case in most countries when it comes to residential burglaries.

Residential Burglaries -- A Daytime Offense

Most people make the assumption that residential burglaries occur under the darkness of night. In point of fact, this is a false impression. In countries like the United Kingdom, European Union nations, the United States, Canada and Australia, between sixty and seventy percent of all residential burglaries occur in the daytime.

Average Losses in a Typical Home Burglary

In the United Kingdom, the average amount of losses for an individual home or residential burglary is in the neighborhood of £2,000.00. The rate of loss is similar in the United States, coming in at about $1,400.00 per individual burglary.

Each year, the amount of average losses associated with individual residential burglaries has continued to increase. The trend is expected to continue on into the immediate future as well.


The Internet is a helpful resource for a person interested in finding out more about home security and related issues. A number of sites provide helpful and useful statistical information on home security and crimes that are committed against person’s in or at their own homes.

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