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January 26, 2005 -- iPod Mini Arm Band
If you are a person who enjoys jogging or running and owns an iPod Mini, you can't do without the iPod Mini Armband. The lightweight armband keeps your iPod Mini secure and lets you conveniently adjust the volume or select songs or create new playlists.

The iPod Mini Armband uses the optional neoprene arm band for wearing the lightweight iPod Mini. It is the perfect item for keeping the iPod Mini secure while running or working out. Feel free to take your iPod Mini while hiking, jogging or simply running errands.

Apart from taking the iPod Mini jogging or working out at the gym, you will find that it is a useful accessory to start conversations with a compliment generating neoprene armband. Apart from its utility factor, the iPod Mini Armband looks good.

For iPod Mini users, the iPod Mini Armband is indeed a `must have`. Jogging and running are sports where the concentration must be focussed on the physical activity. When you exercise it's not convenient to hold the iPod the whole time -- so you need the arm band. In fact, it becomes like a part of you. It's not easy to make your own and there are no armbands which fit iPods in particular, so this is the only option.

If you plan on using your iPod Mini while exercising, you need to get this great arm band! Use the optional neoprene arm band to wear your lightweight iPod Mini -- perfect for keeping iPod Mini secure while running or working out.

Some users feel that velcro is a safer bet than the provided iPod clip. In fact, there's nothing that suits this high quality device more than velcro with a high quality leather band. The velcro closer holds tight and doesn't slip while you are jumping around or running on the treadmill. It fits so nicely on the arm that you will forget you are even wearing it.

One of the side benefits is that the armband also serves as a wonderful theft deterrent. Putting it on is enough to prevent theft or loss. Before a theft could be completed, it would be noticed by the wearer.

You will find the armband very convenient and comfortable. It compliments the iPod very nicely and slides very smoothly on it.
Rest assured, your money will be well spent when you purchase the iPod Mini Armband. Once you have it, you won't want to leave home without it!

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