Avoid Paying Parking And Speeding Fines

Exploit the loopholes the police have been using to avoid paying fines when they get caught off duty.

May 7, 2005 -- People are sick of paying ridiculous parking and speeding fines and living in constant fear of losing their licence and this months salary.

Lets face it, we all creep over the speed limit from time to time. Get caught and face a heavy fine, or worst of all losing a licence altogether. And that's just one way the authorities can take away money, transport and freedom. Even if not a motorist you'll know someone who is, and can guarantee their answer will be an astounding yes.

There are many ways of improving road safety which are far more effective than prosecuting motorists who stray a few miles per hour over the limit on an open road. But as a way of generating revenue for the government, it's almost unbeatable.

This brand new tried and tested product has just launched on the International market. Thousands of people get fined every day all over the world.

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The book is co-authored by a retired traffic police officer. If a police officer wanted to stay ahead of the motoring law, this is the insider information he'd use.

This report is aimed at genuine road users who regularly and expensively get shafted by the system. Can not find this product elsewhere. Don't take the risk any longer.

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