Automotive Rear-Vision Camera/Monitor
If you are driving a RV, truck, bus, van, or any other vehicle that has no rear-view mirror or poor rear-vision, then you should install this system in your vehicle. The camera mounts to the rear of the vehicle and connects to the monitor inside the vehicle.

System can be turned on automatically when vehicle is in reverse or manually turned on and off. Mount the camera up front and it displays the cameras wide view so you can see what's behind you at all times. The camera's 110 degree image is reversed automatically, (it's reversed so that the view on the monitor is just like the rear view mirror would be) or you can select normal viewing mode if you prefer.

Only the monitor requires power, it can be plugged into the cigarette lighter or hardwired to the electrical system of the vehicle. The camera gets it's power from the monitor. System includes weatherproof B/W camera, 5" B/W Monitor, 60' video/audio/power cable, mounting brackets, wiring harness.

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