Automatically Feed Your Pond Fish

  • Up to 21 daily meals
  • Adjustable quantity and timing.
  • Works with both ponds and large aquariums.

    Enjoy having pond fish on your property or a large aquarium of exotic fish in your home but lament the time required to feed them every day? This Automatic Fish Feeder is the solution for you!

    Designed to be easily mounted on a wood or metal boom (not provided), this feeder automatically feeds your pond fish or large aquarium for up to 21 days. You select the diet for your aquarium or pond fish and determine the timing of their meals. Your fish will remain healthy from a predictable, steady diet.

    Works with both ponds and large aquariums. Suitable for use with all popular fish foods, flakes, pellets and floating food sticks. Battery operated for up to one year of continuous use.


    ANIMAT Product No.:


    1.6 lbs

    Feed Time:
    21 days