Armedia Announces the First Release of Source Code Management(SCM) Application for the EMC Documentum Platform

Armedia LLC, today revealed the first release of Armedia Source Code Management (SCM), the first source code management application developed on EMC Documentum's 5.3 platform. "Armedia SCM provides enterprise IT organizations with a source code management solution and a mechanism for integrating their source code with their enterprise web content," says Jim Nasr, CEO of Armedia.

Atlanta, GA May 13, 2005 -- Armedia SCM allows organizations to leverage their existing investment in EMC Documentum, the leading enterprise content management system, by serving as both its enterprise web content and source code repository. Kevin O'Connor, Group Product Manager for EMC Documentum says, "Armedia has adeptly identified the opportunity for EMC Documentum customers to leverage their content repositories as an effective source code management repository."

With this integrated approach an organization can take advantage of all the benefits of EMC Documentum including archiving, backup and retention, while also utilizing Armedia SCM's core functionality including:
? Administrative services
? Library services
? Build management services
? Integration services

Organizations using Armedia SCM will also benefit from reduced training and maintenance costs, greater visibility into their development organization, reduced manual and error-prone processes, and increased productivity of development teams across the enterprise.

Armedia SCM is a Web Development Kit-based application for the EMC Documentum platform. Armedia is charter member of the Logo Compliance Program, working towards a Designed for Documentum certification.

Availability and Pricing
Release 1.0 of Armedia SCM is scheduled to be released in late 2005. More information can be found at For pricing information and related inquiries please contact us at e-mail protected from spam bots.

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