Answer the door from the telephone within your home
  • Rings phones in the home when door intercom button is pressed
  • Pick up the phone to converse with door intercom
  • Handles up to 2 door intercom stations When a visitor presses the button on the door intercom, the DoorBell Fon rings the phones in your home with a distinctive ring. Pick up the phone to converse with the door. If you are on the phone when a visitor arrives a call waiting tone will sound to alert you. In fact, the DoorBell Fon system will even work without phone service. The system provides the necessary voltage to operate on it's own.

    Up to 2 intercom stations can be attached. Add the optional lock controller and an electric door strike and you can unlock the door from the phone by pressing "*". Easy 2 wire connection to door intercoms. Works with answering machines, most home PBX phone systems, and phone-company provided services like voice mail. Includes one door intercom station, which measures 3 7/8" X 5 1/8" X 1", and a power supply.

    Brass Outdoor Intercom Station 5070DSB
    Add the classy and elegant look of a brass intercoms station to any DoorBell Fon Door Answering System! This intercom is electrically identical to the plastic white model that comes standard. It is manufactured in solid, anodized brass for excellent resistance to weathering. It installs flush on the wall by mounting into a 2-gang masonry box (not included) Need more info, check out the installation instructions here: Installation Guide (pdf, 85KB)

    Ring 8 Times Module (#5070R)
    Increases the number of rings the DoorBell Fon will provide from three to eight. Normally, after someone presses the button on the outdoor intercom station, the phone will ring and there be approximately 20 seconds available for you to pick up the telephone and be automatically connected to the doorbox. By installing this chip, you'll have a total of 8 rings or about one minute.

    Doorchime Interface Module (#5070CI)
    Provides 800ms of dry contact contact closure, and is simply bridged to the door box leads. Activated by the push button on the door box, it's perfect for integrating a door chime, activating a camera, or turning on a light with your DoorBell Fon system. Requires two AA batteries, included.

    Manufacturer part numbers:
    #5070C - DP-28IT
    #5070CB - DP-28BF
    #5070CW - DP-28WT
    #5070DS - DP-28-NIT/NT/N
    #5070DSB - DP-28NBF
    #5070DSW - DP-28-NWT
    #5070EL - DP-28SW
    #5070R - N8H
    #5070CI - DP-28CI