Answer Up to 12 Lines With One Cordless Phone
  • 12 CO Line Capability
  • 3-Line Multi-Function LCD Readout
  • Caller ID Compatible*
  • Headset Jack & Belt Clip
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Vibrating or Ringer Signal Now Available in Both Black and White Models

    Enjoy all of the features of the Panasonic Multi-Line Phone System that you've grown accustomed to, but with a cordless phone that can answer up to 12 lines! These Panasonic Multi-Line Cordless Phones provide clear sound, enhanced range and reduced interference from radios, computer monitors and fluorescent lighting compared to ordinary wireless phones because they use the 900MHz frequency. Not only that but these cordless phones are compatible with all Panasonic analog and digital phone systems, including the KX-T, KX-TA, KX-TAW and KX-TD. (Note: While these phones can be used as standard analog single-line telephone sets, some advanced features, including multi-line capability, are available only when used in conjunction with Panasonic phone systems such as those mentioned above.)

    Flexible Keys for up to 12 CO Lines
    The portable handset features 4 flexible keys with 3 positions each. In PBX mode, these keys can be programmed to access a total of up to 12 CO (central office) lines, system features or a combination of both. In SLT mode, they can be used to store 12 telephone numbers for convenient one-touch dialing.

    Caller ID Compatible*
    When integrated with a Panasonic Digital Super IP-PBX Hybrid or Advanced Hybrid phone system, these Panasonic Multi-Line Cordless Phones can display an incoming caller's phone number or name for effective call screening.

    6 Ringer Modes
    these Panasonic Multi-Line Cordless Phones feature 6 different ringer modes with a step ringer that gradually increases in volume. The vibrator ring is perfect for use in situations when an audible ring would not be desirable.

    3-Line Multi-Function LCD Readout
    Provides helpful information like Caller ID data*, call information, line status, and flexible key number or name.

    Hands-Free Headset Jack
    Now there's no need to interrupt your workflow just to answer the phone. You can connect an optional hands-free headset to the these Panasonic Multi-Line Cordless Phones for automatic answering of intercom calls, plus access to features like BGM and Paging.

    Combination Buttons
    By pressing the FUNC key and one of the assigned numerical keys, you can access certain features including Pause, Conference, Call Forward, DND and Flash.

    Wall-Mountable Base Antenna
    You can keep the handset cradle on your desk and position the base antenna in a location that is central to your workspace, enabling you to maximize your range within that space.

    12 One-Touch and 10 Auto-Dial Numbers**
    Allows you to store up to 12 phone numbers for one-touch dialing. You can also store 10 additional numbers for convenient speed dialing. Each phone number can be up to 24 digits in length, enabling you to include access codes.

    Other Features Include

    • High Capacity, Quick-Charging NiMH Battery

    • Handy Belt Clip

    • Message Waiting Indicator

    • 30-Channel Auto Scanning

    • Handset Locator

    • Sound Charger°™ Noise Reduction Technology

    • FWD, DND, Redial, Transfer and Hold Keys

    • Available in Black or White

    • Panasonic model no KX-T7885 and KXT7885-W

    * When used with a Panasonic multi-line phone system only. Requires the installation of an optional Caller ID Card in the host system. Also requires a subscription to Caller ID service offered by certain telephone companies for a fee. **Single-line telephone mode only.