Alterbox AlterUM Messaging Platform Empowered With Support For Arabic Language

By adding support for Arabic language to AlterUM messaging platform, Alterbox confirms its commitment to EMEA markets

Zagreb, Croatia March 31, 2005 -- Alterbox, regional leading provider of communication and messaging solutions and services, today announced it has added support for Arabic language to AlterUM C its next generation Web enabled messaging platform.

AlterUM is designed to satisfy various requirements of wireline and mobile Telco operators, NGN, ASP/ISP and Enterprises. As a platform for profitable business opportunities, AlterUM offers service providers, carriers and resellers a wide range of value added services that increase differentiation, customer loyalty and revenues. For more information about AlterUM, please visit

"Our platform now offers support for one of the EMEA region's major languages and can be deployed rapidly across many countries.", said Mr. Denis Kotlar, CEO of Alterbox, in his announcement comment and added: "We have received very positive reactions from our testers and are planning to continue with development of additional localized products and services."

About Alterbox
Alterbox is a provider of Web enabled advanced communication and messaging solutions and services. Company's mission is to create technology adapted to people, technology for boundless and natural communication. Our experience and knowledge enable development of solutions, which are superior to similar solutions at the global level. Alterbox's communication and messaging high quality applications include work with various contents like email, voice mail, fax, SMS, F-SMS, MMS, F-MMS, video, conversation recordings, address books, calendars, to-do lists, multimedia albums and others, and bring added values for Telco (fixed and mobile), ASP/ISP and cable operators and individuals. They are highly customized, multilingual and provide high level of security in world of communication and messaging.

Contact info:
Maja Bajza d.o.o.
Fallerovo setaliste 22c/1, HR C 10000 Zagreb
e-mail protected from spam bots
Tel: + 385 1 303 34 01

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