Alphatel Tron - Wireless Home and Office Surveillance, Security and Control

Alphatel Corporation announced the release of Alphatel Tron, an Internet Web CAM live “Real Time” streaming video product that does not require a monthly service subscription or fee. The Alphatel Tron unique product design allows live streaming video image surveillance without costly monthly third party subscription service. Alphatel Tron provides Internet access to any streaming Video for Windows-device: WebCAM, video capture card, camera, WinTV, display adapters, VCR, or DVD player. Alphatel Tron is a HTTP Web Server application that takes video images and automatically sends them directly to your home or office over the Internet.

The Alphatel Tron application also allows the remote operator Internet control of X10 devices installed at the surveillance site. Alphatel Tron lets you control lights and appliances via X10 control from your remote computer over the Internet. You can turn inside or outside lights Off and On, control climate, ceiling fans, coffee makers or any appliance remotely over the Internet. With Alphatel Tron you can control these X10 appliance devices from any web browser anywhere in the World! And with the Web CAM feature you can watch the light come on over the Internet!

Alphatel Tron can remotely monitor and E-mail you event notification(s) triggered by the two-way X10 interface. With additional hardware you can remotely monitor wireless motion sensors, wireless door sensors, or any other X10 device. With Alphatel Tron you can be notified via E-mail when your front door opens, garage door, back door, gate, or window opens, or any other X10 event. Alphatel Tron will notify you when any X10 device, switch closer, motion sensor, light sensor, or (wireless) panic button is triggered.

The Alphatel Tron X10 control selection allows you to identify each X10 device module event that Alphatel Tron will monitor. You can enter a description and E-mail message for the X10 events being monitored, for example: “Front Door” or “Garage Door.”

You can enter the description and the E-mail message for up to 256 X10 events being monitored, for example: “Front Door” or “Garage Door.” When Alphatel ME (Monitor Event) detects an event, it will tell Alphatel Tron to notify you by sending an E-mail message. You can E-mail X10 Events directly to your cell phone by entering your phone or PDA E-mail address. Any X10 device can be monitored for an E-mail Event and any message can be sent when that event occurs.

Key Alphatel Tron Features:

Alphatel Tron is the seamless connection and integration between popular networks and devices:

X10 Control - A standard network of home devices that can remotely control all sorts of electrical devices or electrical appliances in your home or office.

X10 Event - Remote monitoring and event notification when an X10 device (including wireless) is triggered. With Alphatel Tron you can be notified by E-mail when your front door opens, garage door, back door, gate, window opens, or motion and light sensors.

E-mail - (Electronic-MAIL) The transmission of memos and messages over a network. You can have Alphatel Tron E-mail messages or live CAM pictures to your home or office. Or, E-mail notifications to your mobile phone, PDA, or other handheld device.

WEB CAMera - A video camera used to send images or continuous frames from your Alphatel Tron web server. Alphatel Tron provides Internet access to any streaming Video Capture device attached to your computer.

Internet - A worldwide network of computers navigated via a browser. The Alphatel Tron web server provides World Wide Web Internet services for HTTP server (web pages) and SMTP server (mail service).

In contact: Alphatel Tron can send a text message to your cell phone or office Email when something important happens at the surveillance location: a warning or even an alarm message can reach you instantly.

In control: Alphatel Tron communicates with devices on an X10 network and allows you to control them remotely from a browser or wireless telephone. This enables you to send commands via a browser on your computer or cell phone to your X10 network at home or at the office. It's easy to turn lights off, turn on a coffee maker, or even control your central heating or cooling.

Live view: Alphatel Tron Web CAM will provide you with a live “Real Time” streaming video image. Alphatel Tron runs its own HTTP Web Server which allows you to connect to your computer remotely with an Internet browser to see live video from your camera. You can use any Internet browser to view your images from your Alphatel Tron HTTP Web Server.

Web server: Alphatel Tron is a complete HTTP Web Server. This means you can connect to the Alphatel Tron via any browser on the internet. You can build your own custom website that shows a live image, an overview of the X10 network and the state of every event. With a simple click you can control devices or monitor activity on the remote X10 network. The internet connection between the Alphatel Tron computer and the remote PC can be established directly with a network connection or remotely with the WWW Internet connection.

With Alphatel Tron, you will have worldwide video access and remote control of your site. Here are some sample applications of Alphatel Tron:

homecam - send home pictures to your office
securitycam - check remote locations without traveling to them
weathercam - show the weather (at the beach or the mountains, etc.)
sportscam - cover live sporting events
naturecam - show interesting or famous locations
officecam - show the work at the office
servercam - show office activity around the system servers
trafficcam - show the traffic at intersections
eventcam - show your booth at trade show or other event
tvcam - watch your favorite show on the Internet (with WinTV turner)
cottagecam – check on the summer home and control the lights

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