Aim This Camera Anywhere With a Wireless Remote!
  • Easily monitor large areas with one camera instead of several
  • Use the navigation buttons to follow the action, without having to switch views
  • Make angle changes easy; no need to haul out the ladder and power tools every time
  • Scan the entire room at the touch of a button Monitoring your home or business with a surveillance system is now easier than ever with the Mini Pan/Tilt/Zoom Dome Camera, a full-color ceiling dome camera that you can aim anywhere in the room from the convenience of your seat! Just press the easy-to-use navigation buttons on the hardwired base OR the wireless remote control, and you can follow the action without having to step away from the monitor. You can even focus in on the details thanks to its integrated 3x digital zoom.

    Although this camera may cost more than standard, fixed-angle cameras, you'll save money in the long haul by using fewer cameras, since you can cover large areas with one camera that would normally require several cameras. In fact, to get the same degree of coverage with standard, fixed-angle cameras, you'd need one in every corner. And by reducing the amount of cameras to one, you'll eliminate the need for a quad splitter or sequencer. You'll even reduce the expense of buying and installing cable, since the included 60' cable transmits video signals AND power between the camera and the base station.

    The camera is also fully audio-ready, complete with a built-in microphone. The hardwired base receiver that connects to your monitor even has a built-in speaker, just in case you're not using an audio-compatible monitor.

    System includes the dome camera, a 60' cable (which carries all the signals and power to and from the camera), a wireless remote and a hardwired base station complete with navigation buttons, built-in speaker and an IR receiver for the wireless remote. Monitor sold separately.


    Model #

    Picture Output

    Image Pickup Device
    Sony 1/3" CCD

    Number of Pixels
    510h x 492v (251,000 Pixels)

    480 Lines

    Minimum Illumination
    1.0 Lux

    3.6 mm Pin-hole
    92 deg. field of view

    Panning speed
    13 degrees per second

    Tilt Speed
    8 degrees per second

    Operation Range
    Panning: 355 deg
    Tilt: 15 to 90 deg


    Video Output Connector

    Mounting Bracket
    Mounts in a ceiling

    Power Requirements
    12 VDC at 500mA

    Power Supply
    12 VDC, 500ma adapter Included

    Operating Temperature
    14F to 122F

    Dimensions (inches)
    4.3" diameter x 3.5" high

    1 year