Affordable Web Based Cameras, Event Alerts and Home Control!
  • Monitor multiple cameras (children, pets or babysitters) from any Web-enabled PC/PDA in the world
  • Receive alerts based on motion (front door), water (laundry/basement leak), or temp (freeze alert) via email, pager, and/or phone text message
  • Control thermostats, lighting, home theater equipment and more
  • Requires a PC and broadband connection SmarthomeLive = Peace of Mind
    With SmarthomeLive, you'll always know when events occur in your home. You can then log on to see who's at the front door, to check on the nanny/babysitter, to make sure the pets are ok or whatever is important to you. Finally, you can interact with your home. You can adjust the temperature, record TV programs, turn the spa on even let someone in the front door.

    Some Example Applications:

    • Set up a camera and motion sensor near the front door so you can see that your kids came home from school safely while you're at work.

    • Worried about your lights during your vacation? Use SmartHomeLive to turn your lights on and off, and actually watch the lamps respond to your commands!

    • Forgot to set your TiVo to record your favorite show while you're out? No problem! Just log onto SmarthomeLive to begin recording with an on-screen virtual remote control.

    • Install an electric door strike on your front door, and you'll be able to let maids, servicemen or your kids inside from the office.

    • And much more!
    Log onto Your Home from "Anywhere"
    You can log onto your home from any web enabled device. No special software is required at the remote device so imagine dropping into a cyber caf while in London to make sure everything is OK at home (one of our employees feeds their cats remotely while traveling to ensure they are OK).

    Be Alerted when Events Occur
    You can have SmarthomeLive email and/or page you when events occur. Motion detectors, water sensors, temp sensors, garage door security sensors and other sensors can be used to give you comfort that all is well while you are away.

    Make a Virtual Visit
    Once logged onto your home, you can switch between up to 7 cameras. Cameras can be standard composite video (up to 4 which can be either wireless or hardwired) or IP Cams (up to 3 IP cams).

    Remotely Control Just about Anything
    Unlike other home monitoring systems that only let you see inside your house, or provide passive alerts when motion is detected, SmarthomeLive is one of the only systems available that gives you on-command control of your electronics. You'll be able to control your thermostat, crank up the spa, or record a program on your VCR or DVR (don't miss the big game). With the 1000's of products from Smarthome you can control just about anything you can imagine.

    Archived "Movie Clips" mean you don't Miss Anything
    SmarthomeLive will record a one minute clip upon any desired event such as motion at the front door. You can then view the clip at a later time and/or save it to your hard-drive permanently.

    Minimum Hardware Requirements

    • Host computer (running Smarthome Manager at your home):

      • PC:433MHZ CPU, 64MB RAM -- Recommended: 700MHz CPU or better, 128 MB RAM

      • USB: One available USB port for X-10 control and/or sensors plus one more USB port if Composite video cameras are to be used.

    • Network Requirements: An always-on (DSL/Cable) connection to the Internet.

    • For X10 Control or monitoring: You'll need a plus any desired switches, modules or motion/other sensors

    • For Camera monitoring:

      • IP camera (up to 3)

      • Composite video cameras (up to 4 wireless or hardwired) + The SmarthomeLive Vision 4-Camera USB Gateway

    SmarthomeLive Features

    PowerLinc IP

    Remotely Control Lamps and Appliances

    Monitor Temperatures

    Control Thermostats


    Uses Hardwired Video Cameras

    Uses IP 'Net' Cameras

    Archive Videos

    Email and Text Messages Alerts

    Activity Logs

    Requires a computer to be left and running a program

    Works Behind Firewalls Without Adjustments

    Response Time to Web Commands

    Up to 10 seconds

    Optional Hardware

    • for controlling a TiVo, ReplayTV, or DishPVR

    • and

    Now Available: SmarthomeLive Vision Starter KitsWant a fast, easy and cost-effective way to get started with SmarthomeLive? Then our new starter kits are for you! These kits give you all the equipment you need to get started at reduced prices Kits are easily expandable.

    SmarthomeLive Vision Starter Kit C Color (#13610):

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    SmarthomeLive starter kits and SmarthomeLive monthly service are sold separately.


    7382, SMARTHOME LIVE VISION is now FREE until 1/1/05 (regular price $9.99/month)