Adv Guide to Win XP
Adv Guide to Win XP

Advanced Guide toWindows XP

- For intermediate and advanced users

This book applies to both Home and Professional editions of Microsoft Windows XP including Service Packs 1 and 2. It will help users get to grips with many of the more advanced features of this Operating System.
The book covers numerous topics including:
- How to customise Windows, and use its Power Management schemes. How to organise and manage folders and files. How to manage peripherals such as printers, modem, scanners, digital cameras and also the pictures and fax viewer.
- How to add new software to your PC, add/remove Windows features, and use the performance and maintenance tools to schedule tasks, clean up and defragment your hard disc, back up and restore your data and how to restore your system to a previously working state.
- How to control Internet connections using a dial-up modem or a broadband router, configure network connections and implement network security.
- How the Windows Registry works and how it is structured, how to backup and restore either the whole Registry System State, or an individual Registry key and how to edit a value in a Registry key. How to search the Registry for Keys, Values, or Data, how to add or remove startup applications, and how to change the default Administrator ownership.
- How to use Windows Recovery methods to start your computer after a disastrous failure, and how to use the Recovery Console and other commercial programs to restore Windows.
- How the Windows Script Host works, and how to create and execute VB Scripts. How to use functions, error detection and Web page scripts, all demonstrated with simple working examples.

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