Activate Anything Just by Watching a Movie!
  • Dim the lights, adjust the temperature, even turn on the popcorn machine - just by turning on your DVD player
  • Be alerted when someone tampers with your surveillance cameras
  • Activate multi-step A/V macros that work without a hitch Imagine the convenience of motorized drapes that automatically block out window glare every time you turn on your home theater system. Or experience the peace of mind of a home control system that blares an alarm if someone disables a surveillance camera. Or enjoy truly reliable macros that put your home theater into movie-watching mode, even if some of the A/V components are already turned on. Do all these things and more with this video-controlled relay that helps your home automation controller respond to the presence or absence of video signals!

    This versatile relay works with home automation controllers with a digital input, like the Stargate (#1240), TimeCommander Plus (#1200) or HomeVision (#1350). It detects NTSC and PAL video signals as weak as ?-volt and then closes relay contacts. Both normally-open and normally-closed contacts are provided, enabling it to respond to the presence or loss of video. A front-panel LED lights up when a signal is detected, providing additional visual confirmation.

    The relay has a loop-through video output, so you don't have to worry about signal loss or attenuation. Gold-plated, high-quality BNC connectors also ensure maximum signal transfer and solid connections. The relay may be inserted in video lines with the loop-through video output feeding a terminated load. Can also be installed at the end of a video line by installing a 75-ohm terminator to the loop-through video output jack (terminator included). This ultra-compact unit can be mounted in tight spaces by mounting directly to a backboard or with an included double-sided adhesive pad.

    Don't Forget the Power Supply!
    Because this relay uses an uncommon power supply that may be difficult to find at stores, we recommend using the 24VDC power supplies listed below (each sold separately). Made by the same manufacturer as the relay itself, these power supplies are fully UL-approved. If you plan on only using one relay, use the 400mA version (#7796PS4). If you plan on powering one or more relays, use the 1000mA version (#7796PS1).

    For security camera installations, the camera and relay may be powered by a common low-voltage AC supply, provided the camera is internally ground-referenced (the relay is a negative ground-referenced product). In the unlikely event it's connected on a common AC supply with a positive ground-referenced camera that's not transformer isolated, a "ground fault" may occur. The relay automatically detects such a fault, disconnects itself from the power input, and illuminates the FAULT LED, alerting you to transformer-isolate the relay's power source from the camera power source, protecting both the camera and the relay from damage.


    BNC, Ground-referenced

    Input Level
    0.5 V p-p video to 1 V p-p video

    Loop-through, BNC, Ground- referenced
    (Output must be terminated with connected
    load or with 75 ohm terminator supplied)

    Control Output
    N/O or N/C relay contacts

    Power Requirement
    12 to 33 Vdc Ground referenced,
    OR 12 to 24 Vac, @ 75 mA

    Relay Contacts

    Max. Switching Power
    60 W, 125 VA

    Max. Switching voltage
    220 Vac, 250 Vdc

    Max. Switching Current

    Max. Carrying Current