About the FREE Motion-Activated VCR Recording System


The Power of Motion-Activated Recording!

Now you can set your VCR on auto-pilot to record ONLY the action in and around your home totally hands-free with the X10 VCR Commander II and an EagleEye Motion Sensor. Whether you're home or not, when motion is detected, this amazing combination can turn on the appropriate X10 Video Surveillance System Camera and your VCR - then automatically send a "Record" command to your VCR! If no motion is detected after 5 minutes by your Video Surveillance System, it turns your VCR off. No wasting tape! You capture all the action on videotape for easy review; just rewind the tape in your VCR and press Play!

Another Great Way to use the VCR Commander with your Video Surveillance System: Record a video for your spouse or kids. As soon as they walk in the door, the TV and VCR automatically turn on. Then the VCR automatically runs the "play" command. Your Video Surveillance System message is delivered with perfect timing. Record directions or chores for their kids when they get home from school. Record a romantic message for your spouse. Great fun and very practical! AMAZING!

For a limited time you can get all this PLUS a FREE Controller Plus Pack for ONLY $169.99. Now that's one AFFORDABLE Security Camera System solution!

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