'About that cruise...'
Simon Hattenstone was delighted to find a message on his mobile telling him he'd won a luxury holiday. Then he discovered that two mates were winners too. And several colleagues. Just one problem - where were all the free flights, Jags and bundles of cash?

Thursday February 3, 2005
The Guardian

Hi there. My name is David Williams. I'm calling you because one of my colleagues has been trying to get hold of you because someone in your household entered our draw last year and we've been trying to let you know you've won a major prize. Now basically, you've either won two first-class return flights to New York, a Spanish cruise, °Í5,000 in cash or a BMW coup®¶. Now, to claim, you can write to me at our London ... no, actually; it's getting near the closing date so it might be better for you to call our 24 -hour claim line ...

I'm not such an idiot. And to be honest, I didn't even want to win a Beamer, let alone the Spanish cruise. I wouldn't have minded the trip to New York, but I

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