ASIS Expo in Review, Dallas, Sept. 14-17, 1998
ASIS Expo in Review, Dallas, Sept. 14-17, 1998

Oct 1, 1998 12:00 PM
George Partington

ASIS expo bigger by far in 'Big D' In physical size, the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits at the Dallas Convention Center dwarfed last year's event in St. Louis; the exhibit hall offered the 615 exhibiting companies 300,000 square feet to spread out in, as opposed to only 150,000 square feet last year.

Overall attendance, however, was down from about 15,000 last year to 13,732 this year. Attendance figures included 3,683 educational program registrants; 5,009 exhibits-only attendees; and 5,040 exhibitor personnel, according to the American Society for Industrial Security, show sponsor.

New this year: a career center; simultaneous translation of educational sessions into Spanish; the ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Review; and the first Spanish language CPP examination. The ASIS 45th Annual Seminar and Exhibits are scheduled for Sept. 27-30, 1999, in Las Vegas.

Newsmakers at the Dallas show included Polaroid Corp., which has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with Fargo Electronics Inc. and Imaging Technology Corp. (ITC). Under the agreement, Polaroid will market and distribute products manufactured by Fargo and ITC. D&K Laminex will become a national distribution partner. The agreement is designed to provide a single source for identification solutions including film-based ID cards, over-the-counter PVC cards, composite and digital cards, and card-making systems.

Fargo will offer a new line of co-branded printers through Polaroid, consisting of model 4250 and the Professional Card Series printers. "Those that do not make partnerships in the next 10-20 years will be left behind," noted Charles Benz, chairman of ITC. Pinkerton announced the formation of Business Risks International, a new division providing consulting, planning and crisis management services to clients worldwide, as well as to clients of CIGNA International, as part of the Specialty Products and Services group.

The Sprite 4-channel video multiplexers from Dedicated Micros Inc., Reston, Va., are the smallest units the company offers. Designed as a low-cost solution for small offices and retail outlets, the monochrome or color duplex multiplexers provide a quad monitor display and a full-screen multiplex output to the VCR. Users may also switch to full-screen mode and control the selection of cameras, or select a full-screen sequence. Color may be selected and adjusted through the camera. The system accepts 99 percent of VCRs, says Dedicated Micros. With an E-Support pack, the units can be controlled remotely over phone lines.

Locknetics Security Engineering, Forestville, Conn., introduced the Mini-Keypad Series, which features modular design, several housings and finishes, stainless-steel buttons, portable-computer programming, and capacity for 500 users. LockLink access control management software is designed to integrate controlled access through computer-managed CM Series cylindrical or mortise-style stand-alone locks, Pentagon intelligent electromagnetic locks, Smart Exit device and SmartEntry keypads. The CM Series card reader lock combines magnetic stripe, electronic key and keypad code access authorization.

Secure Perfect for NT WorkStations is offered by Casi-Rusco, Boca Raton, Fla. The system is expandable to 256 readers, and the system server will support up to five LAN connected clients. System-guided navigation simplifies movement through system functions; a click of the mouse reveals related functions. All versions of Secure Perfect operate uniformly, and data may be moved between system editions. In addition, all field hardware is compatible with each version of Secure Perfect.

The Tru-Flash is designed for still-image capture with CCD video cameras. The device doubles video resolution by illuminating the two interlaced fields of a video camera with two timed strobes, according to Videology Imaging Solutions Inc., Greenville, R.I. The flash is triggered by a strobe from the capture board. The flash incorporates MCI drivers and a TWAIN interface support to ensure that all image capture software packages can be included, says Videology.

HID Corp., Irvine, Calif., promoted its ProxTrak asset management system in meetings with OEM customers to sell them on developing software to incorporate ProxTrak into their access control systems. Also, a display at the HID booth showed the AMP 100 Portal Reader that incorporates the technology. ProxTrak allows users to manage corporate assets and provide contactless access control in one reader. Other products that incorporate the technology are the AMH100 Handheld Reader, the AMT100 Asset Management Tag and the AMR100 Property Pass Reader. Also, with HID's Corporate 1000 Format Program, end-users can standardize their own access control card encoding formats worldwide, even with multiple OEM systems installed by a variety o f systems integrators. The program provides code designs and code sets controllable by large end-users who alert HID from which OEMs, distributors or integrators their proximity cards will be bought. Only the assigned company can use a specific code design. HID also introduced a low-cost proximity readers, the compact ProxPoint proximity card and keyfob reader. The reader provides a 3-inch read range and its dimensions are 3.1x1. 7x0.5 inches.

The AurorA99 digital multiplexer adds telemetry capability to its list of features. Offered by Vicon, Hauppauge, N.Y., the multiplexer uses RS-422 duplex communication to control up to 16 remote pan-and-tilt camera stations, including 8-step, variable-speed operation; preset; aux function; and iris and focus control. Using pixel interpolation techniques, the device provides 12x digital zoom with electronic pan and tilt and 480 lines resolution (640 pixels). Dynamic Multiscreen Optimization automatically increases update rates of user-selected high-priority scenes.

Monitor Dynamics Asset tracking system

The Asset Monitoring and Control System from Monitor Dynamics Inc., an Ultrak company, integrates HID Corp.'s asset tag. The security application allows users to maintain a database of assets and assign them to specific users. When an asset is brought within the field of a reader, the system sends an alarm if the asset tag is not read with the corresponding ID card. The system supports two property modes - the Property Pass Station, providing the security officer with automatic recall of the asset holders' photograph and database information, and the Portal Verification System, integrating access control and closed-circuit television (CCTV) with asset monitoring at an electronic portal.

At the ASIS show, Ultrak Inc., Lewisville, Texas, emphasized its approach to meeting security and surveillance needs through Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS). which integrate access control, alarm management, CCTV matrix switching, digital video transmission, public address and other technologies into a single, network-ready platform. Each enterprise system is flexible and customized and scaled to the needs of any size business. Target customers range from federal agencies, educational institutions and Fortune-1000 companies to airports, prisons, hospitals, banks and other entities. Ultrak also demonstrated its KR7168U six-head, virtual real-time, high-density recorder. Capable of recording in color and black-and-white, the recorder has extensive programming capabilities and outstanding picture quality, according to the company. Also, Ultrak showed the ViewLink four-input video transmitter plus remote monitoring software. It is suited for convenience stores, gas stations, residences and other facilities where there are one to four cameras on site.

Gyyr, an Odetics Co., Anaheim, Calif., announced the release of Vortex, a high-performance, universal 5-inch dome. Featuring top acceleration with pan speeds up to 600 deg/sec and as low as 0.10 deg/sec, the dome has tilt speeds of 300 deg/sec. The dome is also capable of smooth motion, even at its slowest speed and total zoom capability of 96x. The dome offers IMSS (integrated multiple switcher support), which allows for multi-protocol communication and enables the dome to integrate seamlessly with Pelco, American Dynamics and Gyyr ControLink matrix switches.

Vision Factory Multiplexer offers nine custom multiscreens

The Cameo duplex video multiplexer is designed for 9- and 18-channel applications. Available from Vision Factory, Fairfax, Va., in color or monochrome, Cameo offers nine custom multiscreens. On the 18-channel model, multiscreens are output to one or both monitors using Superspot technology. Autosetup offers plug-and-play capability. The unit, suitable for rack-mount or desktop operation, has nine one-touch multiscreens for viewing and uses a RS-232 port for control and programming. Camera inputs feature Alarm Active Motion Sensing. S-VHS outputs for VCR and monitors are standard.

Offering a "feature-rich, mid-range solution" to the card printer market, Fargo Electronics introduced the 4250 color card printer at ASIS. Designed to produce durable photo ID and security cards for multiple applications, the 4250 printer produces color cards and badges with any combination of photos, text, graphics and bar codes. "The 4250 addresses a previously unfulfilled niche," said chief executive officer Gary Holland. The printer combines standard features which were previously sold as options with reliability and image quality, said Holland. Fargo also announced re-designed domestic warrantly programs including standard, extended and extended full-service warranties.

NICE Systems Digital recording system NICE Systems Ltd., Secaucus, N.J., introduced a digital video recording system for the security and public safety industries. The NiceVision system provides organizations using multiple closed circuit television cameras with continuous, multi-channel, high-motion digital recording and offers video and audio archiving and playback capabilities. Operating from a digital PC platform, the system can be independently configured to record up to 15 frames/second per camera, with pre- and post-alarm, and event-triggered recording options.

Panasonic Small dome camera ideal for covert jobs Panasonic Video Imaging Systems Co., Secaucus, N.J., offers the Mini Dome cameras, which are housed in 68mm-diameter domes. Designed for covert applications, the color and black-and-white cameras are 1/4-inch long. The color CCD camera produces 330 lines of horizontal resolution with a minimum illumination of 5 lux using standard 3.5mm lens. The black-and-white camera provides 370 lines of horizontal resolution in 0.3 lux. Both units feature a signal-to-noise ratio of 46dB and operate on 12v DC. Lenses are available in 1.8 mm, 2.3mm and 4.7mm focal ranges.

AMT Security system incorporates existing components The Brix for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 95 and 98 security management system is an open system using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, which allows the addition of existing software components and applications, says Automated Management Technologies Inc., Plymouth, Minn. Brix uses animated icons for real-time facility monitoring and control. A click on the icon brings up a list of commands and current properties for the device. Users can share or have their own set of toolbars and menus customized to fit their needs.

Lenel Systems International Inc., Pittsford, N.Y., has added multi-regional, remote monitoring to its Lenel OnGuard Enterprise Solution, which combines independent multiple-site access control, alarm monitoring and ID badging into a distributed, enterprise-wide security management system. The system is built on Windows NT server and BackOffice platforms. Multiple autonomous regional database servers operate independently of the central database server. Information on a regional server database is automatically updated to the central server on a pre-determined schedule.

ITI, North St. Paul, Minn., offers five levels of access control systems. Access Point Manager comes in 351 and 451 models, designed for two-door applications and medium-sized applications (up to 32 doors), respectively, without the use of a PC. ITI Easy Access provides remote, central control of 32 doors using a PC and graphical user interface. The ITI Access 5.0 security management system provides the capacity and customizable features needed for larger installations. ITI Access NT is the most powerful system in the line. Its features can be customized to provide automatic responses to specific events and elevator control, for example.

Security Applications Control system accepts others' equipment

Security Manager integrates with equipment from multiple manufacturers, says Security Applications Inc., Valhalla, N.Y. The security management system offers a graphical user interface that allows a user to service alarms, print reports, monitor and control security devices and enter data simultaneously. The Security Automation Programming feature can program events such as lock/unlock doors, activate cameras and shunt alarms to occur upon actions based on the source, time, type of event and cardholder.

The NAVCO Digital 5000 is a networkable, scaleable digital video system. It consists of two primary components, the Capture Station and Retrieval Station. The Capture Station independently stores transaction and surveillance data on hard disks, where they can be retrieved and reviewed on a PC Retrieval Station. All data is user-definable, including number of images per transaction, length of storage, and camera sequence, according to NAVCO, Anaheim, Calif.

Sony Electronics Inc., Montvale, N.J., introduced at ASIS 20 security products, including cameras, recorders, remote processors, multiplexers, printers and monitors. In particular, Sony highlighted the EXWAVE HAD, an extended-wavelength-response sensor designed to maximize camera sensitivity, reduce smear to 1/50 of Hyper HAD levels and increase S/N levels. The technology will first be incorporated into the company's SSC-DC50A and SSC-DC54A color cameras.

The MiniPlex records all cameras at the fastest rate attainable, according to Tecton, Mission Viejo, Calif. The multiplexer is designed to provide the most popular high-volume application features, with additional features available as options. Available is 8- or 17-camera models, the device offers recording at 40ms per color image during alarm or real-time recording. Recorded tapes may be replayed on KCODE-compatible products. The multiplexer automatically adjusts itself to the cameras and VCRs that are connected.

Internet-based software allows users throughout an enterprise to retrieve, view and manipulate information stored on a variety of databases. Offered by DataCard Corp., Minnetonka, Minn., ViaNet is designed to allow users of Internet-enabled devices to tap into information stored on multiple databases. ViaNet does not require a dedicated workstation; once it is loaded onto an organization's server, users can be added without additional installation steps.

The Windows NT-based NT 3400 security management system from Simplex, Gardner, Mass., incorporates smart card and biometric applications, including contactless smart card readers, retinal recognition systems, fingerprint identity verification and hand geometry recognition. NT 3400 integrates video badging, on-screen CCTV control, and fire alarm monitoring using a graphic user interface. Building security functions are linked to a common database. Circle No. 52 on Reader Service Card The SWC30 video surveillance camera offers a sealed, polycarbonate camera enclosure and Lexan lens cover. Manufactured by Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd., Blaine, Wash., the camera includes a stainless-steel arm that attaches the enclosure to the base, concealing cabling. Backlight compensation is standard in monochrome and color models. In color models, a microprocessor digitally adjusts the light. A removable front panel allows access to control functions.

DSX Real-time monitoring on a PC network The 32-bit WinDSX access control system uses the Windows NT operating system and runs on a single PC or a network. Offered by DSX Access Systems Inc., Dallas, the system combines point monitoring and control with photo ID badging, guard tours, time and attendance and alarm graphics. The system uses TCP/IP network communications to provide user interaction and real-time monitoring to PCs. The software is password-protected to allow for operator-specific capabilities at each workstation. Graphic alarm maps can be configured to provide information about any I/O point on the system. The system can import cardholder images from a file, capture images from live video, or work with any device providing a TWAIN interface.

Metorex Metal detector has wood exterior The Metor 200 multi-zone walk-through metal detector is available with wood exterior. The unit has eight overlapping coils in the frame that provide uniform metal detection, according to Metorex Inc., Princeton, N.J. Detection is continuously active. The device monitors its internal circuitry, external connections and environment.

Pelco High resolution in a small camera Pelco's 2.38-inch cameras are the smallest high-resolution CCD cameras offered by the Clovis, Calif., company. Available in monochrome (MCC5600) and color (CCC4000), they feature a 1/3-inch format CCD imager and electronic/passive iris control. They are factory adjusted to the CS-mount standard, and C-mount lenses are compatible by using a C/CS-mount adapter. Automatic Gain Control allows the cameras to automatically adjust images to compensate for changes in light conditions when using fixed or manual iris lenses in outdoor applications. The monochrome camera has a horizontal resolution of 560 TV lines and the color camera has a resolution of 400 TV lines.

SDC Two-door controller expandable The Entry Check Series from Security Door Controls, Westlake Village, Calif., features the E2 stand-alone, two-door controller, which can expand to a 20-reader, non-PC-based system with the addition of nine controllers. The system accepts 1,000 cardholders and features a 500-event buffer, real-time printout, eight default time periods and specific assigned door access. Inputs include door-sense, panic and egress; outputs include alarm panel and local alarm. On-board, menu-driven programming is also featured.

PCSC System has on-board ethernet connection The Ultimate Series controller uses a 32-bit processor available in 20 flexible configurations, says PCSC, Rancho Dominguez, Calif. The controller includes standard on-board ethernet connections that interface directly with a LAN or WAN. A Flash Memory feature allows for remote download updates over the network. Digital signal processing protocol provides expanded monitoring options. The controller integrates with existing PCSC systems and with the LincNet for Windows 95/NT software programs. It is compatible with proximity, magnetic stripe, Wiegand, bar code and smart card technologies.

Philips Four control functions in one surveillance system Four CCTV surveillance system control functions - matrix switcher, multiplexer, pan/tilt/zoom controller and VCR controller - are combined in System4 from Philips Communication and Security Systems, Lancaster, Pa. It can handle multiple multiplexers from local and remote sites without adding CPUs or servers. Operate up to 30 multiplexers through a keyboard. System4 is available in three models: 9-channel duplex; 16-channel duplex; and 16-channel simplex, in NTSC and PAL formats.

Stentofon Computer control of communications systems Stentofon Communications Inc., Kansas City, Mo., offers a computer interface module for controlling the company's 9200, 9600 and AlphaCom communications systems. The module works with Orion's Oasis software, a Microsoft Windows NT-based package that allows systems such as CCTV, access control, intercom, alarm and building management systems to be integrated and controlled by a simple-to-use interface, says the company. The workstation operates in parallel with the control panel, so that any function on the control panel is duplicated on the workstation. A call can be answered by pressing the icon or by using the 9200 or 9600 control panel.

Eltron Encode smart cards, mag stripes The Privilege Series plastic card printers from Eltron International Inc., Simi Valley, Calif., are used for personal ID, security, access control, electronic purse, membership and loyalty applications. The printers encode smart cards and magnetic stripes. The Privilege P400 prints dual-sided color cards. The P500 offers dual-sided overlaminate protection.

Access Specialties Access Gold incorporates smart card technology Access Specialties Inc., St. Paul, Minn., is partnering with Schlumberger to incorporate smart card technology into its product line, including the Windows-based Access Gold access control system. A new hardware line designed to support smart card technology will work in conjunction with Access Gold. The panels provide support of up to four hot-pluggable option boards, which accommodate two read heads of virtually any card technology, according to the manufacturer.

Westec Interactive Remotely monitor and interact with employees Observe employee appearance, monitor customer traffic flow and check facility appearance from a remote PC using InTouch Manager from Westec Interactive Security, Newport Beach, Calif. The program employs remote cameras, microphones, speakers and telecommunications equipment. To avoid interference with the security system, it will automatically terminate if an alarm is activated. The system includes password protection.

Bewator Cotag Off-the-shelf proximity cards reprogrammable Reprogrammable proximity cards are available off-the-shelf in large volumes from Bewator Cotag Ltd., Cambridge, England. The cards offer 30cm read range and are programmable by resellers using the 633-2 Programmer. The PVC surface is suitable for photo ID, using dye-sublimation printers driven by any photo ID package, says the supplier. Reprogramming is a feature of all cards from Bewator Cotag, including the 938R Passive Card and the 931R Passive Keyring Tag.

Xetron Integrate badging and CCTV with control system The X9000 integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, database management and CCTV control. A product of Xetron, West Chicago, Ill. , a member of the Ademco Group, Commercial Systems Division, the three-tier client/server architecture system features 8-bit, packet-based Echelon LonWorks communication. Two-conductor wir-ing accommodates long wire runs, is polarity-insensitive and provides connection in a free-topology architecture. Supplementing the 32-bit, ODBC-compliant database is a library of customizable database templates.

IDenticard Network security communications and control The 32-bit operating system of the IDentiPASS access control system is for organizations seeking to link security communications in an ever-changing network, says IDenticard, Lancaster, Pa. A user-authorization feature enhances system security. The system features customizable screen layout. Time-zone and reader group assignments, alarm points, relays and readers are referenced by name in system configuration and maintenance. The networking capabilities provide options for system monitoring, as well as control and database maintenance from multiple locations.

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