AEI AEI Wired Indoor/Outdoor Colour Motion Activated Camera camera specification
AEI Wired Indoor/Outdoor Colour Motion Activated Camera 84.95 (inc VAT )

Now, when your camera detects motion, it will automatically change the channel on your TV and emit a warning audio alert!

Built in motion detector automatically changes the channel on your TV
Full colour with CCD lens
70 degree wide angle lens
PIR detection of 120 degrees, 6m forward and 4m to the sides
Beeper unit warns you when the camera has been activated
Supplied with 12m of cable
Extend system to 4 cameras

Fantastic For:

* Home security * Garden monitoring * Car Monitoring * Shop security * Farm security * School security *

The Wired Camera

This outdoor colour camera with built-in motion detector is ideal for catching everything that is going on. When motion is detected by the camera your TV will automatically change channel to show what the camera sees. Great for keeping an eye on the door, back garden or driveway. Use in tandem with security lights and the system works just as well at night! Extend your camera by adding a 12.5m extension lead for ?2.50.

Add More Cameras!

You can add a maximum of 3 more AEI Wired Indoor / Outdoor Colour Motion Activated Cameras for only ?9.95 each to complete your 4 camera system. In order to run multiple cameras you will need the AEI Multi Switcher below.

Camera Multi Switcher With Remote Control

Switch between up to 4 cameras by remote control with the Swann Multi Switcher for only ?9.95. The convenient way to connect your cameras to your TV and switch between them using the remote control. When connected to this camera the 4 Way Switcher will be capable of automatically switching between cameras when motion is detected, for example following an intruder as he walks through the building.

The AEI Wired Indoor/Outdoor Colour Motion Activated Camera is in stock and can be delivered FREE next day for only ?4.95 including VAT. ADD to basket now.


Swann Multi Switcher

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