ACLU approaches security camera debate with new lens
Members of the Middlebury College Civil Liberties Union (MCCLU) gathered more than 200 signatures Tuesday night at Proctor Dining Hall for a petition opposing the Student Government Assocation's (SGA) approval of security camera installation for a four-month trial period in Proctor as a theft prevention measure.

The petition recognized the value of the "College's commitment to creating a free, safe and trusting environment," and urges further discussion of "viable alternatives."

An accompanying handout emphasized the "dangerous precedent" that would be set by the installation of dining hall security cameras, and warned against the creation of an "atmosphere of fear in which everyone is made to feel a suspect."

It also called for the exploration of less intrusive alternatives, such as "reinstating a staff person to sit at the front door of the dining hall," and provided evidence in support of the assertion that security cameras "have proven ineffective in stopping crime."

The petition received a substantial number of signatures on Tuesday night at Proctor, according to MCCLU Treasurer Philip Kehl '06. Kehl called the results "pretty good for one night," adding that he and his fellow petitioners would have a table set up in Proctor at least once more this week in an attempt to bolster their growing register of supporters.

"I was pleased with the results," said member Lauren Collins '06, "and I expect more students will sign as word spreads."

Collins said she brought a petition sheet to one of her classes and was shocked at the lack of awareness - most students were taken aback to learn that security camera installation in Proctor was only a few steps away from full approval.

Upon completion, the petition will be presented to the SGA with the intention of "changing some minds," according to Kehl. "If that doesn't work, we'll go higher up and confront the administration. [The MCCLU has] a lot of concerns and objections to this proposal, and the petition results suggest that the student body is equally apprehensive about the installation of security cameras in Proctor."

Kehl and MCCLU President S. Welcker Taylor '06 both said that their organization is planning to pursue a potential SGA resolution that would proclaim the student body's formal opposition to the United States Patriot Act. According to Taylor, similar resolutions have been passed at many colleges and universities with the help and support of other American Civil Liberties Union chapters.

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