A Young Retailer In The Safe Direction
A few extra safety measures can make a world of difference -- When Lucie Boshier lost her entire collection of designer clothing from her Kingsland store her dreams of owning her own fashion label were shattered. In ripping away the clothing, the thieves also "wrenched my heart".

The thieves broke through the front door of the main street at 2am and stole almost everything in sight in less than a minute.

On hearing of her plight ADT Security, New Zealand's largest security provider, visited Lucie to help assess her security situation and what measures could be taken to prevent a similar burglary recurring.

In Lucie's case she had a limited number of high-value fashion items, and the thieves were almost in and out before the alarm started going off.

Warren Davie, national manager for ADT Security, says: "So often we hear of situations where shop, business or home owners have the best intentions to be security wise and safe, but sometimes relatively simple options are overlooked."

Although Ms Boshier's boutique store had a security alarm (not an ADT alarm), ADT proposed a remotely activated system (much like a car alarm) rather than a manual one. The great benefit of the remote system is that it eliminates the need to have the time delay when entering and leaving the store. When the alarm is on, opening the door or window immediately sets off the alarm - it's almost immediate.

In Ms Boshier's case, this immediate activation of the alarm may have scared off the thieves on entry, knowing they did not have the protection of a silent period as with manual alarms. In the 30 seconds or so of silence they'd probably already stolen the three racks of beautifully hand-made garments.

Although devastated by her loss Lucie is determined to learn from the experience and become far more security conscious to prevent this from happening again.

"I put my blood sweat and tears into these clothes and to see it ripped away from me is heart wrenching. But the support and advice I have received, especially from ADT has been brilliant. In fact I am already getting some window and door grills to be installed."

It is important that shop owners are aware of the simple safety measures which can deter undesirables and avoid becoming another victim of crime.

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