A Wireless Color Video Camera About the Size of Your Thumb!

  • Send camera images across the house without running cables
  • Built-in battery allows totally cable-free operation for up to two hours
  • Compact size for placement nearly anywhere

    The PrivateEye StealthCam 2.4GHz Wireless Camera allows you to put a color camera in places where it's difficult or impossible to run video cable. Just connect it to the included AC adapter, and it will transmit sharp, color image to a wireless receiver that you connect to any TV, monitor or VCR within 300 feet. There's even a built-in rechargeable battery that can operate the camera completely wire free for about two hours perfect for applications where you need total portability, like on a remote controlled airplane!

    At just 3 1/2" long and 3/4" thick, this camera fits even in small, compact spaces (a two-inch antenna extends from the rear). It's built with a 1/3" CMOS color sensor with a pinhole lens that covers a 90 area. Image resolution is 330 lines. Minimum illumination is 1 lux. To prevent from affecting other 2.4GHz wireless devices in your home, the camera can transmit in any of three frequencies, selectable with dipswitches.

    The receiver, which can be as far as 300' away from the camera, connects to any TV, monitor or VCR with the included connecting cables. It requires AC power (adapter included). The receiver also offers a sequencing feature that can automatically switch between two or three cameras (additional kits sold separately).

    The camera comes with a wireless receiver, connecting cables (to connect the wireless receiver to a TV, monitor or VCR), two UL-approved AC adapters and a camera mounting bracket.


    Samsung Product No.:

    330 lines

    3 1/2" long and 3/4" thick

    Power Supply:
    AC adapter included

  • PrivateEye StealthCam 2.4GHz Wireless Camera

  • Wireless receiver

  • Cables

  • 2 adapters

  • Mounting bracket