A Wireless Camera and Video Capture System in One
  • Delivers audio and video up to 125' in open area
  • Also captures video for later review, or for live Web broadcasting
  • Can also digitize images from any video source, like camcorders, VCRs, etc. Need an affordable wireless camera system that sends images to your PC and can archive images for later review? The EyeSeeAll Wireless Camera System is your answer! This easy-to-use kit consists of a receiver and a wireless 1/3" color CMOS video camera, complete with an integrated microphone. Just place the camera/microphone in the room you want to monitor, connect the receiver to any PC within 125' and the EyeSeeAll will deliver images and audio without the hassle or expense of linking the camera and receiver with audio/video cables.

    Captures Images for Later Viewing or for Web Broadcasting
    But unlike ordinary wireless camera systems, the EyeSeeAll has the added ability to capture both still & full motion video (.bmp & .jpg files). By acting as a bridge between the camera and your computer, the system can be used for standalone monitoring and image capturing, or as a method of broadcasting video over the Web using your favorite messaging service or webcam software. As an added benefit, the receiver also has RCA/S-Video inputs so that it can capture, edit and digitally convert video from any hardwired video source (i.e. camcorder footage, DVD players, TiVo, VCRs, etc.).


    • Supports RCA Video IN, S-Video IN & stereo phone jack Audio IN

    • Built-in microphone for audio monitoring

    • Four channels available for best quality selection

    • View or record the image on TV, VCR/VCD/DVD player or computer with video capture function

    • When you connect a RCA cable to the Video IN of receiver, it will replace & disconnect the remote input video signal (TX)

    System Requirements:

    • Intel? Pentium or AMD? Athlon processor running at 266 MHz or higher.

    • Windows? 98, 98SE, 2000, Me or XP.

    • 64MB RAM.

    • An available USB port.

    • CD-ROM drive.

    • 100MB of hard disk space (Minimum of 1.0 GB recommended for recording).

    • Internet access is required for videoconferencing, instant messaging and e-mail. Any charges to connect to the Internet are the responsibility of the end user.

    • Sound card with 1/8" microphone input is necessary for audio.

    • Instant messaging with video requires an instant messaging application that supports video. Compatible instant messaging applications include AIM, Yahoo!? Messenger, ICQ?, MSN? Messenger, and Windows Messenger.

    Transmitter Specifications

    • 2.4~2.483 GHz frequency range.

    • The world's smallest (1/3") CMOS video camera with built-in 2.4GHz wireless A/V sender.

    • Dipole antenna provides optimal video and audio reception.

    • Supports NTSC or PAL video systems.

    • The wireless color CMOS video camera pivots 360 degrees on mounting stand for optimal installation.

    • LEDs for channel indicators .

    Receiver Specifications:

    • ISM Band:2400Mhz ~ 2483Mhz Audio/Video on four selectable channels, CH1=2410 MHz, CH2=2430 MHz,CH3=2450 MHz,CH4=2470 MHz.

    • Antenna Mode: Dipole.

    • Antenna Port : 50 Ohm PCB Track.

    • RF Receiver Current Consumption: Under 200mA. (Typical).

    • RF Receiver Sensitivity: -80dbm. (Minimum).

    • Dipole antenna provides optimal video and audio reception.

    • High speed compression support real time image output.

    • Supports following video formats and frame rate with compression:

      • 640 X 480 9 ~ 15 fps

      • 352 X 288 25 ~ 30 fps

      • 320 X 240 30 fps

      • 176 X 144 30 fps

      • 160 X 120 30 fps

    The kit includes a receiver, two power supplies, RF CMOS wireless camera, USB capture/receiver, stereo A/V cable, composite video cable, S-Video cable, PC audio cable, user's manual, CD-ROM and a bracket that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.