A War Has Begun On Crime.


Special needs may be met in the area of homeland security via the internet. Help for the smaller, less populated areas.

     There is a great need for crime prevention and security in the less populated areas. We are seeing a vast rise in crime in our small areas due primarily to drugs. The drug dealers like such areas to produce there drugs, such as methamphetamines. Our rural settings provide an out of the way place to setup. Some of the chemical used in the manufacturing of Meth maybe commonly found in the agricultural area such as anhydrous ammonia, a chemical used in fertilizers.
          With the new sales of Meth, crime is sharply on the rise. Small towns in the midwest are being hit greatly with break ins and theft. Also with this is all the other felonies associated with people on drugs. Children are getting hooked at an alarming rate.
          Thanks to the internet and retailers like www.jlselfdefense.com, people may now buy security items like surveillance cameras, Mace, Stun Guns, and various other personal and home protection alarms that were hard to find in these rural small settings. The internet has brought several new law enforcement resources and self defense products that were previously hard to find.
          In conclusion please respond to local law enforcement with any suspicious activity and make yourself aware what is happening in your communities.    

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