A Spillproof Keyboard for Your Home!
  • Simply wipe spills away with a damp cloth and it's as good as new again
  • It won't wear out due to dirt, dust or moisture
  • The tactile, clickable keys will delight your fingertips with every "click" It's 1:00 in the morning and that proposal you're finishing has to be on the client's desk in exactly seven hours. In your sleep-deprived state, you reach for your lifeline the cup of Guatemalan dark roast blend only to watch in horror as your fingers slip and coffee splashes all over your keyboard. With an ordinary keyboard, you'd be up the creek right now. But thankfully you were able to avert catastrophe with the Virtually Indestructible Keyboard!

    This totally mildew and water resistant keyboard can withstand practically any spill. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and it's as good as new again. It's perfect for heavy-duty or outdoor applications where ordinary keyboards can't handle dust, dirt and moisture. Whether it be the splash from a pool or hot tub, a spill of a soda can, the moisture of a greenhouse, or the dust and dirt of a warehouse, no other keyboard is better at withstanding hostile environments.

    Unlike other spill-proof solutions available, this system simulates the feel of a standard keyboard with a tactile, clickable feel. Once you try it, you'll realize that it's far superior than those annoying keyboard covers that slow you down.

    This 109-key unit is built with a PS/2 connector and is compatible with all MS-DOS and Windows? operating systems. Includes the Windows? HotKeys and the Windows 98? Power Management HotKeys. Other features include LED indicators for number lock, caps lock and scroll lock.

    Two additional models available!
    #9460 is just like the PS/2 model above but connects to the USB jack found on computers running Windows 98se and later. The keyboard uses the Windows Human Interface drivers already installed on your computer so installation is quick and easy. The keyboard is made from the same material as the PS/2 keyboard, but is in a high-tech black finish.

    For those of you who want something smaller, the #9461 Mini Virtually Indestructible Keyboard measures just 12 inches across. It resembles the key layout found on most notebook computers. Ideal for applications where space is limited and the numeric keypad is not needed. This model comes with a USB plug for Windows-based computers running Windows 98SE and later.